It can seem a never-ending task these days, hunting around from casino site to casino site in search of the slot machines and slot games that are going to give you the most fun, excitement and much more importantly the maximum winning opportunities.

However, I invite you to read on for what I am going to be letting you know below are just which GamesOS slot games boast the highest RTP’s, and there are going to be lots of online casino sites that will be offering you their range of slot games, so tracking them down will never prove to be too difficult if you fancy giving any of them a whirl online.

For those of you out there that do look for not only the highest paying slots which the best possible pay-out percentages, but also slots which can be very exciting to play too, make sure one slot you do get stuck into playing on day soon is the Aztec Slots game from GamesOS as it has a pay-out percentage of 96.90%.

You will often find that Oriental themed slot machines are the ones that you will enjoy playing and one that does spring to mind from GamesOS is their China Mega Wild slot with its 96.30% RTP, and also consider playing the Spin the World on which you will find a pay-out percentage of 96.20%.

The RTP’s are to be fair, not that overly impressive on the rest of the slots from GamesOS, however with slots such as the Olympic Slots offering paybacks of 96.10% and the Freaky Fruits slot having been set with an RTP of 96.00%, they do offer players a bit of value with those RTP’s.

Some other slot games that you may or may not enjoy playing, but ones that do have decent pay-out percentage of 95.80% are the Farm Slot, Freaky Bandits and the Party Night slots, and you will find the Atlantis Dive and the Summer Dream slots from GamesOS have been set to return 95.40% of players stakes over the long term.

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