Whilst casino slot games are software driven with at the heart of each one there is a random number generator which ensure you get a fair game, there are some online slots known as fruit machines which have a completely different type of game play structure and many experienced fruit machine players have worked out how to play these types of games to increase there chances of winning when playing them.

If you are blissfully unaware what a fruit machine is they are basically a type of low stake, low jackpot kind of slot machine which are commonly found all over the UK in all manner of different locations, due to the UK’s rather liberal gambling laws they can be placed in pubs, clubs, cafes and amusements arcades and offer a more entertaining kind of playing style.

These fruit machines boast many different types of bonus features with some of the more common ones being nudges which allow you to move the reels upwards and downwards in the hope of completing a winning combination on the payline, other common features include a hold feature whereby you can lock one or more reels in place for the next game or even hold a winning combination in place and repeat the win again and again.

How To Force Jackpots On Fruit Machines

To force a jackpot you first need to understand that a fruit machine will go through a cycle of spins, and each fruit machine is programmed to payout a certain payout percentage during each cycle, the payout percentage can vary from ,location to location and machine to machine however in land based venues these payouts can be very low, as low as 72%, however online fruit machines are often programmed to payout in the high 90’s.

As the fruit machines are required by law to payout a certain payout percentage then savvy players know that no matter what happens they will be able to play it in such a way that if the slot is nearing the end of its play cycle then it has to payout this pre-programmed percentage.

The way in which a player will force a jackpot or a high sequence of large payline combinations is to simply play the fruit machine to lose, they do this by holding all the reels when they have been offered a hold and the combination they are holding is a losing one, they will also nudge in losing combinations when a nudge is offered, and should they spin in a winning combination then why will gamble it in a double or nothing type gamble feature in the hope of losing it.

By constantly losing the fruit machines current payout percentage will drop and keep on dropping due to it not paying anything out, eventually there will come a time when the payout parentage becomes so low that the pre-programmed legal payout percentage has to be hit and then the machine will go into payout mode whereby in an attempt to redress the payout parentage the fruit machine will spin in jackpot after jackpot to balance out the payout percentage.

With a lot of practise the experienced fruit machine player will simply move from game to game forcing the jackpots to payout by simply losing or refusing any winning combination that spins in and thus can win quite a tidy sum each day by doing this forcing system.

Top Five Online Fruit Machines

Cash N Curry – This fun to play fruit machine from Microgaming has the bonus grid type feature where you need to get three symbols spinning in to complete a line on the grid to get to play the feature rounds.

Game On– A comical yet fun to play UK style fruit machine featuring a special bonus game ladder type feature round where you aim to win the top prize on this ladder when the bonus game is awarded.

Pub Fruity This was the very first fruit machine to be developed by the industry leading Microgaming casino software company, offering a feature trail it can be played for various stake levels.

Treasure Ireland – A quite hard to find fruit machine powered by Microgaming this one has a Pirate theme and you will go hunting for buried treasure once the bonus feature game has been trigger.

The Gee Gee’s – This Microgaming powered fruit machine has the bonus board type bonus feature game where you will be moving around the board amassing bigger and better cash prizes and/or bonus games as you progress around it.

Where To Play Fruit Machines Online

Colosseum Casino – Should you fancy getting to know how UK fruit machines work and play then why not give this Microgaming casino a try as you can play any or all of their fruit machines as a guest player and therefore play them completely free of charge to get to know how they work.

Luxury Casino – Another Microgaming powered online casino and this one not only has all of the fruit machines listed above in it but they also have several others which all offer various different jackpots and game playing features give them a try today they are a very well respected casino.

Vegas Slot Casino – Well with a name like theirs you just know that the choice of slot games and fruit machines is going to be second to none, and when it comes to getting bonuses and comps to play their huge array of fruit machines they are one of the most generous Microgaming powered online casinos around.

Grand Hotel Casino – Should you wish to play a range of slot machines, fruit machines or even take part in plenty of slot game tournaments then we highly recommend you give Grand Hotel Casino a try they have every kind of slot game you can think of an plenty you cannot think of!

Vegas Country Casino – If you are looking for low stake fruit machines to play or even wish to crack up the stake levels to some dizzy heights then we can highly recommend you play at Vegas Country Casino who have plenty of way for you to play their huge number of slot and fruit machine games.