In recent years there has been a marked increase in the number of people who are regularly betting on the outcome of football matches.

In fact the number of people placing bets and wagers on these kinds of sporting events has grown so large that you are now going to be able to place a
huge number of bets on all manner of unique outcomes of any football match played!

In this section of our betting website we are going to introduce you to some of the many different types of football match bets you will be able to place at any and all of our featured sports betting sites, and as you are about to find out there are a huge number of football bets on offer!

Bet on Most Popular Bets for Football Betting

Please have a good look through the following football match betting guide, for when it comes to placing a bet on any up and coming football match at Bet365 you really with have a huge variety of different bets on offer.

It should also be noted that many sports betting sites offer not only a standard betting market that you can place a bet on before any football match gets underway by the also offer something known as an In Play betting market.

An In Play betting market becomes live as soon as any football match starts, and then as events unfold during the game such as a player scores for one of the two teams the odds will then instantly change on all final score type bets and wagers. Do look into using these types of In Play betting markets for by doing so you can often hedge bets placed before a soccer match kicks off and can often lock in a guaranteed profit no matter what happens during the match you have bet on!

Win Outright Bet – An win outright bet is one whereby you simply have to pick one of the two teams playing against each other to win the match the odds will of course vary depending on which team you bet on, be aware if you think the football match if going to end in a draw then you will also be offered odds on that happening too!

Correct Score Bet – The correct score betting opportunities can come with some very large payout odds attached to them, and when you place one of these types of football bets you have to correctly pick the final score that your chosen match will end in. With there being so many possible outcomes to a football match many bettors placing these types of wagers will opt to place two or three bets to give them a better shot or predicting the final score!

First/Last Goal Scorer Bet – This type of bet is fairly self explanatory, and as such if you think you can correctly predict the name of the player who is going to either score the very first goal in a football match or the player who will score the last goal then many sports betting sites will let you place this type of bet and the odds offered to you will of course vary depending on just which player you have chosen to score either the first or last goal in any one single football match.

Red or Yellow Card Bet – Whilst no true football fan will want to see any yellow or red cards awarded during any soccer match, there are always going to be times when the referee has no other option but to issue a red or yellow card to a player.

If you think that there is going to be no yellow or red cards, one or two of them handed out or a very large number of yellow and red cards issued during any up and coming football match then most if not all of our featured sports betting sites will let you place such a bet.

It will of course be up to you just how many and the type of cards you predict to be handed out, and the odds offered to you will vary depending on which teams are playing against each other and just how many and what type of cards you predict to be given out!

Total Corners Bet – This is probably a more fun type of bet that you may be willing to place on any soccer match, and when you decide to place a bet on to the total number of corners awarded and taken in a football match then you will have to correctly predict the exact number of them, much like every other type of football bet mentioned on this betting guide the odds you will be offered depending on just how many corners you think will be taken!

Half Time / Full Time Bet – If you like the chances of one football team winning any match they are about to play but have found the outright win odds on that team are very low and offer poor value then consider placing a half time full time bet.

When you place one of these bets you have to pick whether the score at half time will be a home win a draw or an away win and then also pick one of those three possible outcomes for the final score, the odds on offer will be must better on these types of bets than a standard outright win bet!

League Champions – You will find that before a football season gets under way and during the season many betting sites like SkyBet will let you name which team you think is going to be the highest positioned one at the end of the season in any of the many different football leagues.

As anything can and most probably will happen during a football season then you will find some very large odds on offer on some football teams and as such this type of betting market is always worth studying for there can be some true value on offer!