With the worlds financial markets being in such an unpredictable state you would probably be wise to leave purchasing stocks and share alone for quite a while, the price of gold seems to be rising upwards at an alarming rate so maybe purchasing as much of this precious method as you can will guarantee a healthy return!

However if you fancy a flutter on the world financial markets then how about checking out Bet365‘s excellent financial betting site a try. They offer a no nonsense range of markets and you can choose to wager on how well or conversely how bad a range of currencies or indices will perform over any length of time.

Betting on Forex Currency

Bet365 offer a range of head to head currency financial betting opportunities and these include the Euro v’s the US Dollar, the US Dollar v’s the Japanese Yen, the Australian Dollar v’s the US Dollar, and the Great British Pound Sterling v’s the US Dollar.138 sun game

You need to place your wagers during the stated times dependant on when the financial betting markets are open and you can choose a length of time from those offered, which includes 5 minute markets, hourly markets and daily markets. They offer a live feed showing you the high and lows on the head to head currencies so you will be able to instantly track just how well, or how bad your chosen market is doing.

FTSE Betting Markets

You do not need to rush out and buy a plethora of shares to take advantage of the swings in UK FTSE market place as Bet365 will allow you to place wagers on just how well you think the market will perform on any given day. Simply log into your Bet365 account and choose the Financial Betting option from the menu and you will be able to get straight down to business!

Wall Street Betting Markets

Bet365 also allow you to wager on the Wall Street markets and much like the currency markets you can take an option on how well the market will perform on either a 5 minute basis, hourly or daily, just make sure you log in and click the relevant market for up to the minute odds.

Bet365 Financial Spread Betting Times

To help you discover when you can place a wager on any of Bet365’s financial markets below are the opening and closing times of each respective market.

Euro v’s US Dollars – 01:00 to 21:00 (UK Time)

US Dollars v’s Japanese Yen- 01:00 to 21:00 (UK Time)

Australian Dollars v’s US Dollars – 01:00 to 21:00 (UK Time)

UK Pound Sterling v’s US Dollars – 01:00 to 21:00 (UK Time)

FTSE 5 Minute Markets – 08:15 to 16:25 (UK Time)

FTSE Hourly Markets – 09:00 to 16:00 (UK Time)

Wall Street 5 Minute Markets – 14:45 to 21:00 (UK Time)

Wall Street Markets – 15:00 to 21:00 (UK Time)

If you are new to financial betting and wish to give it a try then you will be pleased to learn that bet365 have a wealth of information available including guides and help files that will answer, in good old plain English how to wager on any or all of their markets and in no time at all you will be placing wagers like a pro!

Just take your time, and you should be fine! If you do have any questions regarding betting on financial markets then do not forget that Bet365 offer a comprehensive 24 hour customer support team who are always happy to answer any and all questions you may have regarding any of their markets and gaming sites.