You will never know when you will fancy a bit of a change when playing at an online casino site, and if you do tend to play slot machines consider giving some games that you haven’t ever played before a try from some of the many other game categories, as you may just find them fun and entertaining.

One game that is often overlooked by player, but one that is certainly worth playing right now, is the Triple 7’s Blackjack game that game is available at any of our featured casino sites such as Blackjack Ballroom Casino and Zodiac Casino, and it is a casino card game that has a progressive jackpot on offer.

In fact that jackpot hasn’t been won for quite some time, and it currently stands at a whopping £108,638, which when you consider the average value of the jackpot won on that slot by lucky players is some £83,411 then you can see just how overdue that jackpot is.

It is also worth noting that the progressive jackpot on the Triple 7’s Blackjack game tends to get won on average one every 208 days, but it hasn’t been won for over 526 days, so surely it is about to be won sooner rather than later.

If you do fancy playing that game then please do read on for I will give you some idea of how the game is structured and designed and will also now give you some idea of how you stand a chance of winning that progressive jackpot too.

How to Play Triple 7’s Blackjack

There is a side bet that you are obliged to pay when playing Triple 7’s Blackjack and that will cost you 1.00 in the currency you have set your casino account at.

That side bet wager will then offer a range of additional bonus winning pay-outs based on the cards that are deal tout to your hand, one of them which is of course the progressive jackpot.

To win the progressive jackpot you will need to be dealt out to your hard as the first three cards three of the 7 cards that must all be in the suit of Diamonds, and whilst that is a rare hand to be dealt out, the value of the jackpot will put a big smile on your face if it is very dealt out to you when playing that game.

There are some other bonusw inning pay-outs that your 1.00 side bet wager can award, and they include a 1000.00 pay-out when you are dealt out three 7’s all in matching suits bar of course the above jackpot pay-out in the suit of Diamonds.

A mixed hand containing three 7’s in any suit as your first three cards pays out some 250.00,  two 7’s dealt out as your first two playing cards in the same suit awards a payout of 50.00, but if they are in mixed suits you get 25.00 instead.

One final much smaller bonus winning pay-out will be awarded to you when playing that game if your initial card dealt out to your hand is a single 7 which any other card.

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