If this is your first time gambling online there are some things you should be aware before you get any further and decide whether you are comfortable with the process because I can promise you it won\’t change to make you happy no matter how big a high roller you may be (that said, there are always the exceptions to the rule, contact myself or casino support if you feel you\’re the exception and we\’ll see what happens) as it is nearly impossible to get someone their money immediately due to processor channels that must be negotiated, the fact that the casino isn\’t set up to work that way and many of the casinos have a delay time they have initiated themselves to allow players (usually it is) 24 hours to change their minds and continue gambling and considering how many times I have ended up using that option (remember it also saves us money because that trading hands with the money costs everybody,  every time, and due to the nature of the beast, and the fact that they can get away with it, it is not cheap.

There is a way to get around all that but it involves human beings making trips to Western Union, then of course they\’d have to hire people available, separately I would imagine since they\’d be one or two-timers, to go into Western Union and drop-off the money.

If you have enough money almost nothing is impossible but most folks won\’t fall into that category so lets move on with the understanding that the above isn\’t going to happen for us.

Why Are Online Casino Games Fair

Getting paid from casinos is where the real gambling begins because you will usually get fair-odds games at online casinos because who would go back and play at a casino a second or third time if they just got hit over the head and had their money all taken every time they stepped up to the games?

It is simply much smarter to let people play at the fair-odds rate because people are there for entertainment (for the most part, exception to all rules noted earlier) and that means they will continue to gamble whether they have won a lot of money or a little which means the casino has a good chance the money that was won will never have to actually leave the casino (as I mentioned earlier about the delay time on withdrawals) because the player will choose to stay and gamble and in the end spend the allotted amount of money they came there to risk losing but go home having had many hours of entertainment and if you measured those hours of entertainment against the other forms of entertainment that player would normally choose, it is likely the costs are going to be close to the same for the same reason that the cost of someone\’s chosen vacation destination and staying accommodation will be close to the same.

Another reason the games are fair is they are provided by a third party software company that often times has no concern over whether the casino makes money, their concern is their own benefit and that would be to have fair-odds games because if it were ever proven otherwise the software company would be out of business in no time flat, losing all those yearly contracts for literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They\’d never risk losing the cash cow for such short-sighted goals. At best, the casino games might be set up to have a tight payback, but they will always have winners for reasons mentioned.