If you are new to playing Roulette online then you will find that all online casinos offer the game of European Roulette and whilst it is not the lowest house edge Roulette game you will come across, it does boast a reasonable house edge of some 2.70%, which is much better than for example playing slot machines online.

The game really is a breeze to work and operate and thanks to the way it pays and plays you could, at any moment, get some of your chosen numbers spinning in which can and will get your bankroll climbing up at a quick rate of knots.

Where to Play European Roulette

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European Roulette Bets and Payouts

Unique European Roulette Features – Remember that when you are playing European Roulette at our featured online casino listed above, you will be earning comp points every time you place a wager onto the table and play them, and as such this will allow you to earn, even when you are having a winning session or losing session, lots of casino comps, which can then be swapped for casino chips allowing you to have even longer Roulette playing sessions.

When playing European Roulette you can place several bets which are known as inside bets, these are all located in the inner section of the European Roulette betting layout are are as follows:

European Roulette Straight Up Bet – To place a Straight Up bet when playing European Roulette simply put your chip directly onto the number you have chosen, and if it spins in your wagered amount is paid out at odds of 35 to 1.

European Roulette Split Bet – This wager lets you play two numbers for one bet, simply place your chip onto the European Roulette table on the line which divides the two numbers you wish to wager on, and if either of them spin in then you will receive a payout worth 17 to 1 of your wagered amount on that bet.

European Roulette Street Bet – Should you wish to cover three numbers which are side by side on the European Roulette betting layout then you need to place your wager on the outside line of these three numbers, and should any one of them spin in a payout of 11 to 1 of your staked amount is awarded to you.

European Roulette Square Bet – There are several numbers on the European Roulette betting layout which are all side by side, and as such you can wager on any four of these numbers by placing your chip directly onto the centre spot of these four numbers, should any four of them spin in a payout of 8 to 1 is awarded to you.

European Roulette Line Bet – This European Roulette betting option lets you cover any six numbers which are adjacent to each other, a payout of 5 to 1 is awarded should any of them spin in and you will need to put your chip on the line which separates these six numbers.

The European Roulette variant also features range of Outside Bets, and as the name of these wagers suggests, these are found on the outside section of the European Roulette betting layout and these are as follows:

European Roulette Column Bets – To cover all twelve numbers on any of the three columns found on the betting layout of the European Roulette table then simply place your chip on the empty box at the top of one of these columns. Should any of those twelve numbers spin in a payout worth 2 to 1 of your total staked amount is awarded.

European Roulette Dozen Bets – You can cover any set of the twelve low, middle or high numbers found on the European Roulette table, simply place your chip on the First 12, Second 12 or Third 12 betting locations on the tables betting layout and if any of the numbers covered by these spin in, when you have placed a wager on them, then a payout worth 2 to 1 is awarded to you.

European Roulette Even Money Bets – These are the easiest and most popular wagers to place on the European Roulette table. When you want to place an even money wager of which you have six of them available which are the Even, Odd, Red, Black, 1-18 or 19-36 groupings simply put your chip or chips on the relevant betting box, and when any of your wagered numbers spin in then a payout of even money is awarded.