It can often be a difficult decision for a celebrity to make, that being whether or not to allow their image to be used to promote a slot machine, however as long as those slots are fun to play and reflect a celebrities personality, many of them will be more than happy to agree to having a slot themed around them.

One celebrity that does have their very own namesake slot machine is Ellen DeGeneres, and you are likely to find that slot in many land based casinos, and to be fair to the developer of that slot they really have made it a fun to play slot.

With all manner of different bonus games having built into that slot, you could trigger several of them in a very short space of time, and that makes the slot as popular as it is with players, who could also win one of the high valued and regularly won jackpots the slot has attached to it too.

One thing to be aware of when playing the Ellen DeGeneres range of video slots, is that they all tend to have been designed with a set minimum stake, and as such you will be required to play them for that stake amount as a minimum or you can of course increase the stakes in increments of the minimum bet.

All in all, though, with some stunning animations and graphics and plenty of unique sound effects too, it is one of those slot games that you may find yourself being attracted to playing, even if you are not a fan of that TV star.

You never know, when playing the Ellen DeGeneres slot, she may appear in person and stand by you as you are playing, which is something she recently did over at the MGM Casino and Resort in Vegas, and handed out cash to players of her slot machine too.

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