Dragons Fortune Mobile Slot Game

If you fancy playing something different at a mobile phone casino then one game which is definitely unique is the Dragons Fortune game which is a match the symbols type of game much like a scratchcard.

The first thing you need to do once you have the game loaded on your phone or mobile device is to choose what stake levels you wish to play it at. you can select any amount in increments from .50 to 10.00 making it a low to mid ranged stake game.

Once you have chosen the stake levels simply click the play button and then a rather aggressive looking Dragon will appeal and start to fire out flames from his mount along with pearls.

These pearls will be thrown across your screen and will then smash into a gong and drop revealing a multiplier amount, simply match these amounts and you will be a winner, you stake will be multiplied by the winning amount.

The multiplier amounts will be varied and can b any amount for a lowly x2 up to a mind boggling x20,000, you can do the maths for yourself but we are sure you will agree there are some huge amounts which can be won on this game.

Below is a selection of mobile casinos all of which carry this Microgaming powered mobile game feel free to check any of them out as each one will throw a generous welcome bonus at you!