Despite her age, Dolly Parton does of course have a huge number of fans across the globe, and I suppose it was only going to be a matter of time before a slot machine designer asked for her permission to design and then launch a slot themed around her.

Well, that is something she was more than happy to agree to, and as such you will find a fully themed slot machine which comes packed with bonus features that players are going to enjoy triggering, and a huge jackpot that they will also be very eager to win too.

In fact, over the years there have been several slots launched which come with a Dolly Parton theme, including the older styled and older looking stepper reels and the much newer multi-line and multi stake video slot games, so you will surely find one that suits your playing style.

If you like to keep your slot playing sessions nice and simple then consider giving the stepper reel Dolly Parton themed slot games some play time, for whilst they are much more advanced than the older classic slots they are built around, they do offer a no nonsense playing style and one you may warm too.

However, if on the other hand you are looking for bonus games, bonus features and all manner of special and unique reel symbols, then it should be the Dolly Parton themed video slot that you should always be making a beeline to play.

Whichever of those series of slots they you do end up playing, do try and make sure that you set them with the sound effects turned on and turned up, as you will at some point in time no doubt hear Dolly belting out one of her songs.

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