One of the things that can drive an online slot player completely mad is when a casino only offers a limited amount of either deposit or withdrawal options, to be honest such casinos such always be avoided due to the fact that should you actually be able to make a deposit then go on to request a withdrawal with limited options available you may have to jump through a lot of hoops waiting to get paid your winnings.

To give you a deeper insight into the many different deposit and withdrawal options that are available in some of the better run online slot sites we have listed the most popular ones below and you will also find an online casino that readily accepts that particular method, feel free to checkout any slot site listed as they are all highly recommended and it goes without saying that each and every one of them will offer you a more than generous sign up bonus.

Depositing by Debit Card – If you have a debit card available to use then it is one of the best ways in which you should deposit funds into any online casino, the reason for this is simple should you request a cash out/withdrawal then the casino can instantly apply a refund back to your debit cards and in such places like the UK these are credited back to your card rapidly and in no time at all it will reflect on your bank account balance and be available for you to do so as you wish!

Depositing by Credit Card
Using Credit Card to gamble Online should only be done when you have no other options available to you, the reason for this is that some credit card companies now look at a casino deposit as a cash advance and will therefore add a fee onto the amount of money you have sent to the casino, also when it comes to cashing out your winnings some credit card companies such as Mastercard will not let you have this money sent back to your credit card account. Some credit card companies will not let you deposit money into any gambling site whatsoever.

Depositing by Skrill
If you have never heard of Skrill before then we should point out they have recently renamed their money transfer company and you may have known them by their previous name Money Bookers. Skrill are basically an online e-wallet type system where you can, should you so wish, put all of your online gambling funds and bankroll in one place, you can then quickly transfer money into and your winnings out of many of the top rated online casinos, you will also be able to withdraw money you hold in your Skrill straight back into your personal bank account whenever you so wish. There are some fees associated with using Skrill however they are some of the smallest fees for using such an e-wallet.

Depositing by Entro Pay – The Entro Pay service is quite a strange one and what they do is provide you with a disposable debit card which you use just the once, you find your account by using your own debit card and then they will issue you with as many virtual numbers as you wish to purchase, the idea behind this is that you will not have to give your card details to an online casino you use these disposable ones instead, however why you would not want to use your own debit card at a trusted, licensed and fully regulated online casino is beyond us as by doing just that you will be able to get your winning s sent back to you and not some third party e-cash company!

Depositing by Play Safe Card
A pay Safe Card is perfect if you do not have a bank account or credit card or in fact any type of gambling e-wallet account. Pay Safe Cards are simply vouchers which you purchase from stores displaying either the Pay Zone or Pay Point logos, you are not charged a fee to purchase them so if you want to deposit lets say 20.00 into a casino you simply need to ask the shop assistant for a 20.00 Pay Safe Card and hand over 20.00 and they will then give you a voucher worth 20.00 which has a number printed on it.

You then simply need to go home log into the casino you are wishing to play at click on the cashiers interface and enter the amount and the code number printed on the voucher, then follow the on screen prompts basically click that you understand the terms and conditions then click OK and instantly once the voucher has been validated the cash will be credited to your casino account.

If however you are playing in a different currency than the one you have bought the Pay Safe voucher in then you will need to click on the currency exchange rate logo or similar in the cashiers interface on the Pay Safe Card page, this will then convert the currency you bought the card in into the one you are play in the casino for!

Depositing by Eco Card
This in another online e-wallet type account where you first have to fund it with money sent directly from your bank via bank transfer or from your debit card, you can then play at any online casino by drawing funds directly from your Eco Card account, however this is not really a cost effective way of depositing funds into an online casino as once again there are fees to use this service.

Depositing by Ukash
The Ukash system is very similar if not identical to the Pay Safe Card method mentioned above, however the only difference is that should you be playing in a different currency than the one you bought the Ukash voucher for then the cashiers interface will automatically convert it into this different currency without you having to do anything.