One aspect of visiting Las Vegas you will probably get used to, is of course doing the Starbucks run first thing in the morning, or whenever it is you finally wake up in your hotel room or suite.

That is something that the Youtuber Matt Bridger does each day when visiting Las Vegas, and in this day two video of his two week stay in Las Vegas, you will discover just what he gets up to when doing the coffee run, which is of course playing several slot machines.

There can be no better feeling in the world when you do throw a few dollars in a slot machine on the way to grab your breakfast and you end up winning, and whether he does that on the second day of his holiday, well you will have to watch the video below and find out.

One of the slot machines that you will notice him playing in that video is the Quick Hit Platinum slot, that has to be one of the most annoying of slots to play at times for even though you can trigger its bonus game very frequently, some of the winning pay-outs awarded can be very low in value via that bonus game.

He also gets stuck into playing the Lock it Link slot, and it is that series slot machines that really have taken Vegas by storm recently with many players giving them rave reviews.

You will also see him playing several other slot machines too and one of which you may actually enjoy playing yourself, if for some strange reason you have never come across it before, is the Lightning Link slot, in fact many casinos now have several different variants of that slot game on offer on their gaming floors, so you are bound to come across plenty of them.

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