The MasterCard and Visa Card sites have taken a stance against allowing gambling transactions, apparently whether on line or not, though it is my understanding that they have always had the policy of not funding gambling transactions so what has really changed?

Well apparently the ease in which you can use one of the above two cards to fund your gaming, that’s what!

At the time of this writing it is still very early in knowing what to say is good for the long run but I would predict the eWallets such as usemywallet (North America), Neteller (Canada and more), MoneyBookers (Australia and more) are going to be the best way to go about things.

I would suggest (at this time, 2015) that it would be wise to purchase prepaid cards to fund your eWallet accounts,  and then have the eWallet account which will be tied in to your bank account, only for incoming money.

In other words, only use the connection between your bank account (or if you\’re wanting the extra step to being careful, get a separate bank account opened at a different bank than the one you use for everything else) and only use that connection as an incoming money route.

Fund your eWallet with a prepaid card. Make sure you hold on to that card even after you stop using it because you may need it to satisfy casino security requests to have you fax in a copy of the front and back of the card used to deposit into the account.

Which brings me to my next point that you can probably go around the eWallet option but it makes it a casino’s dream situation since you will likely be able to deposit quite easily but when it comes time to get paid, there is no easy system for the casino to get money back to the player.

They will send checks or a wire (if the money is big enough), but that’s about it for ways to get money back to you.

If you are wanting to get set up with an eWallet, which is what I would suggest everyone do because if you\’re going to gamble and you know you will do it on a regular basis then get yourself set up to be able to cash out as easily as possible because that will cut your losses to the casino more than any other aspect to this hobby.

Remember the casinos love it when they hold onto your money for you. They do enough of that as is,  without making it any easier for them. Getting an eWallet set up doesn\’t cost

Please know you have reached the best place to choose your online casino because I offer a  cash-backed guarantee you will get paid when you cash-in at any casino I have advertised on my sites. This means you have a 3rd-party with a financial interest that you are treated right who represents thousands of potential future players plus has many players already playing in their casino who would stop if they saw I removed the casino from my guaranteed list.

you anything (at least in most cases) and its nice to have if you win, because you can request to be paid that way.

It does cost to fund the account and remember you have to have the account linked to the casino via having made a deposit in order to be able to cash out so that means you\’re going to need to fund the eWallet. As mentioned, the best way to do that is with a prepaid card.