Crazy Camels Mobile Game

We though we had seen everything as far as whacky casino games goes that is until we took a look at the Lady Lucks Casino who are fast becoming one of the biggest and most played at mobile casino sites.

Deep within their gaming suite of casino games that have a weird looking game which goes by the name of Crazy Camels and this little beauty is a camel racing game where you simply have to pick the winner of the next race.

Download Mobile Crazy Camels Game

On each race there are six different camels running and you task, that is if you decide to play it is to simply choose which one you think will win the next camel race, what could be easier than that!

You can place a wager of your own amount the minimum and maximum permitted bet on each camel is displayed on the game once you launch it and load it onto your mobile phone.

The odds on each camel are also clearly displayed, so you have the choice of deciding whether to lay your money down on the red hot favourite or place you money on the outsider, or maybe you will play it relatively safe and pick one of the mid-priced runners, then when you have made and placed your wager sit back and watch as the race is run.


Crazy Camels Playing Tips

Anything can happen in a camel race and this means that the red hot favourite might not always win so never be tempted to stick to the lower paying runners in the race as those larger priced camels can often romp home ahead of the field!

Remember that you can indeed vary your stakes on each camel you bet on and maybe one good system to play when betting on these runners is to start off betting for low stakes then if you start to win slowly increase your stakes to ride out your winning streak to its maximum potential!


Play The Crazy Camels Game

Sometimes you may lose your signal when playing on a mobile casino, but fear not if this happens halfway through any casino game then it will be stored for you and you will be able to check the result of that particular game when you re-connect back into the casino.

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