It is not only the customers of any land-based casino that the security teams at such venues need to keep a close eye on, for the income generated by the slot machines, other gaming machines and even from the gaming tables is also at risk from corrupt employees too.

Slot machines are of course designed to accept cash mainly in the form of banknotes, and over the years there have been plenty of slot attendants and engineers who have tried, and in some cases succeeded in relieving slot machines of their takings through all manner of ingenious schemes.

One way some corrupt casino employees have been able to do just that is by inserting small bags into the back of a note validator, and as such the banknotes inserted into them by slot players falls into those bags instead of dropping into the highly secure cash boxes each slot machine has.

By inserting those bags once they start their shift and then removing them along with the banknotes they have trapped inside them at the end of their shifts, often very discreetly passing them onto someone pretending to be a slot player sitting nearby, a casino could suffer a huge financial loss, only coming to light once the slot machines are emptied and the cash and meter readings are reconciled.

Some slot attendants and other casino employees such as a slot attendant and floor manager have worked in unison to defraud casinos, one pair of employees milked a casino of over $1.2million by simply filling in fake hand pay jackpot slips and cashing them in and keeping those fictious winnings.

That due got away with their scam for over a year, the main reason they did get away with their scam was that the casino had no procedure in place for validating the income each slot machine generated with the cash the slot machines “notes in winnings out” meters audited and counted up.

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