The original Cool Buck slot is a five pay-line, three-reel slot game that Microgaming launched many years ago, and it is also a slot that has a new sister game too, that being a five-reel video slot.

To give you some idea as to what makes each of those slot games highly playable to players, I have put together the following guide so do please read it through.

The original slot is one of which players have the ability of playing it for a range of different coin value and staking options.

However, each of its five pay-lines has a different jackpot on offer, and the optimum and most strategic way to play that slot is by increasing the number of pay-lines you play to all five of them.

That way you will never run any type of risk of missing out on those enhanced and booted in value jackpots, which you could so if for example you only put one single pay-lines into live play.

I should also point out that whilst the three-reel Cool Buck slot game does come with a wild symbol which can be spun in on any of its three reels, there are no bonus games or bonus features attached to that slot.

Keep in mind any slot machine is only going to be as good as the RTP it has been set to payout, and with that in mind do be aware that the Cool Buck slot games RTP is some 94.95%.

Cool Buck – 5 Reel

The 5-reel version of the Cool Buck slot game is a fun one to play, and when playing it players have not one but two different ways that they can trigger its main bonus game, that being a set of free spins.

The first way that bonus game can be awarded to players is by them saving up the free spins tokens that are superimposed onto other reel symbols during base game spins, and a total of 30 tokens need to be accumulated to trigger that bonus game.

Players can also trigger the free spins by simply seeing at the very least three of the scatter symbols spinning in together on the base game.

There is a much higher payout percentage on offer on the Cool Buck – 5 Reel slot game than you will find on the original three-reel slot, and for reference that RTP is some 95.29%.

If you like the sound of those two slot machines, then how about you give them a little bit of play time to see what you personally make of them after doing so.

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