A Classic slot machine for all of you who are unaware of what they are is simply a 3 reel slot game which has just one single payline and offers no kind of bonus games, it is the most basic type of slot you can play and the only thing you have to decide when playing them is the coin values at which you wish to play each spin for and the number of coins you wish to play on each and every spin you make, whilst most people may find these slots rather boring they can be good fast paced slots and will appeal to the old world type of slot play who look for simplicity when playing slots either online or in a land based casino venue.

Microgaming are one the biggest and most well know casino game software developers and as such they have a vast array of easy to play Classic slots, one site powered by this state of the art software is Zodiac Casino and below we have selected what feel are the best Classic slots they offer all of which can be played completely free of charge and to do this you need to log into the casino as a guest play or of course should you prefer then the real money option is always available, and by visiting their website now you will find an exclusive welcome bonus available to all new players wishing to give them a try as a real money play so make sure you check this bonus offer out as it is a biggie!

Play The Top Classic Slots

7 Oceans – On the 7 Oceans slot game you are given the choice of playing from one to three coins per spin, by playing just one coin only the Bars and Blanks symbols will become active on the paytable, should you play two coins per spin then the payout values for these symbols will become bigger, by playing three coins per spin then the 7 symbols also become active and these have much bigger payouts attached to them, checkout the slots paytable for more details should you decide to give it a whirl.

Astronomical – This is another Classic slot machine from Microgaming on which you can play from one to three coins per spin, there is a benefit from playing all three coins and that is that the jackpot payout is enhanced, so make sure you always play the maximum three coins per spin to take full advantage of this increases jackpot payout. This slot also has a wild symbol that can and does boost the value of payouts it helps to complete get one wild symbol in a winning combination and you win is doubled get two in a winning payline combinations and that win is quadrupled, get all three of them on the payline and you will win the jackpot.

Atlantis – This Classic slot is a 2 coin game however you can play one or two coins as you see fit, there is no enhanced payout given for playing two coins however when you play two coins all of the one coin payouts are doubled. There is also a win symbol in play and much like the above slot getting these in a winning combination will boost the value of the win they help to complete with one doubling the value of the payout and two if them in a winning payline combination will quadruple the value of that winning payout.

Bar Bar Blacksheep – This Classic slot game is based on the childrens nursery rhyme of the same name and on this slot machine the Blacksheep symbol only appears on reel number three, it will triple the value of any winning combination it helps to complete. This is a 3 coin game and by placing all three coins in play on each spin you make the jackpot for a three coin spin has been boosted by an additional 100 coins, see the paytable for full details when you give this game a try.

Big Five – The Big Five is the most basic Classic slot you can play as it has no wild symbols and you will be able to play from one to three coins per game played, there is not an increased jackpot for hitting the jackpot when playing all three coins it is simply worth three times as much as the single coin jackpot pays, in fact playing two coins will double the payouts and three coins tripled the payouts, so you can choose to play either one two or three coins safe in the knowledge you are not suffering a lower payout by making the lower valued spins, The jackpot symbol on this slot is the Lion symbols and get three of them on a three coin spin and you will win 2400 coins.

Cash Clams – This slot game from Microgaming is another of their Classic slots and this one has an underwater theme and the star of the slot is the Cash Clam symbol. You can play from one to two coins per game played and the jackpot is enhanced should you hit it when playing two coins per spin so it does pay to play it with maximum coins in play, The Cash Clam symbol is also a wild multiplier and one of them appearing in a winning combination doubles the value of that win and two of them will quadruple the value of that win get all three of them on the slots single payline and you are in the money as the is the jackpot paying pay line combination.

Cash Crazy – Here is yet another Classic slot game found only in the gaming suite of our Microgaming powered casinos and this one can be played for one r two coins per spin, again no enhanced jackpot is playable for a maximum coin spin however the Cash Crazy symbols is a wild multiplier symbol and as such one in any winning payline combination doubles the value of your payout and two of them will quadruple your payout, get three and you are laughing all the way to the bank as that is the jackpot paying win line combination, so let us hope you see it spinning in if you have opted to give this Classic slot game a whirl.