Casino Rewards

The Casino Rewards casinos are probably the best online casino network on the internet today. While they have seen a continuing growth throughout their existence (since turn of the century) and in fact recently bought a failed network of Microgaming powered casinos which increased their stable by five more (soon to be six), many of the gaming networks are cutting back the number of casinos they offer and some have went the way of liquidation.


This is largely due to recent law passed in the states making it not illegal to gamble on line but rather illegal for banks to allow gambling transactions which has caused many players and casinos to be jumping through hoops to be able to get money back and forth.

The withdrawals are not so much a problem because the casinos can send checks or bank wires but deposits are harder due to the fact that gambling is of an impulse nature and that most gamblers don’t want to wait the two or more weeks it would take for a check sent to the casino to arrive … and then probably another week for the check to clear before any actual gambling could be done. That’s just too long.

The good news is that the current banking problems have mellowed a bit and there are deposits getting through in ways that were not working the first of ’08.

Casino Rewards Casinos

You are automatically enrolled into one of the best loyalty rewards programs available, when you join one of the Casino Rewards casinos. It auto-tracks your play and gives you comp credit for each and every wager you make which is important because that is how the system is set up to reward the player is by the amount of wagers they make, not the amount of currency won or lost.

If you are a casino player residing in Ontario Canada please read the update for the Online Gambling License obtained by Casino Rewards and the casinos you can sign up for.

Comp points can be traded in for casino cash to be played at any of their seventeen casinos or five poker rooms, you simply choose to which establishment you’d like the money awarded.

Please remember to be covered by my quality guarantee you need to choose every casino in their network from this site as that is how your account is tracked back to me and I know you are then to be included. So please return to this page to choose all your Casino Rewards member sites as they are all listed right here along with any information you’d find necessary to know.

So please bookmark this page now.

The games are provided by Microgaming software, at all the  Casino Rewards casinos. They are the leader in the online gambling industry much akin to Tiger Woods is in Golf. Microgaming has no real competitors and it is a race only for those seeking the right to call themselves in second place. Over 700 hundred games can be played at the bigger casinos such as Casino Classic or Blackjack Ballroom which recently paid out a whopping five and a half million dollars to a man in Finland for a fifty cent bet on the progressive slot game called Mega-Moolah.

Play over a dozen versions of blackjack, five versions of Roulette, thirty kinds of video poker (plus play some of them in 4x, 10x, 50x and 100x), fifteen progressives, at least one in almost every category of games, over 100 slot games and more than that at some of the bigger casinos. Play the download games or opt for the flash casino which currently provides over 200 games.

Other casinos in the network with as many games are Zodiac, Virtual City, and Captain Cooks.

Keep in mind however that all the casinos have the same basic package of games and those with the larger quantity are usually blessed with an extra amount of slot machines and of that group they have what are known as “clones” which are basically the same game but dressed up with a different theme and different symbols, so you’re not losing a lot if you choose a Jackpot City casino with fewer games.

Nearly all the casinos get an added four games at the end of every month which are almost always new releases rather than an addition of games that have been around for a period of time.

Game results are determined by a computer program called “random number generator” which was originally created for video poker machines at land casinos, this long before internet gambling was ever a reality.

Random number generators work the same way you’d pick a name from a hat while blindfolded. All the possible game results are compiled onto a rotating list in accordance with the number of times they should appear in respect to the other results and then that list is rotated through thousands of times a second and a result is then plucked from the list at just the second you request a game result to happen.

In other words the second you hit the spin button,  or the deal button or the roll button (dice), you’d get a result plucked from the list and made to appear on your PC screen. If you can trust a video poker machine in Vegas then you should have no trouble giving online games a chance.

This network of casinos have a flash version at about 60% of their properties. Flash casinos were created for gambling when away from home. Just know your login and password and you can play from anywhere. Flash games mean you won’t have to download anything onto the PC and that you can play from wherever you’re accessing the net.

Microgaming powered casinos are the only online casinos with a parent software provider that has a 100% rating of always making sure players get paid when a casino using their games, goes out of business. This fact alone sets MGS powered casinos above their competition to a completely higher level.

Keep in mind that if you have seen it in Las Vegas or Atlantic City then you can play it virtually and in 99% of the cases there will be a considerably larger number of versions of that game offered at the online casinos. Below is a short description of each individual casino (where applicable) and the bonus that casino offers.

BlackJack Ballroom Casino : get up to $400 free. 40% bonus offer + play 500 free offer : download only. Revel in the luxury that is Blackjack Ballroom. A clever virtual casino that celebrates the game of blackjack by providing a wide selection of game versions that should be enough for nearly everyone to find a set of rules they prefer. Though the name says blackjack the game menu says “slot “. And lots of them.

One of the bigger slot varieties around. BJB paid a player from Finland 5.5 million as reported by Fox News, April ’08.  over 600 games. Bonus offer:  $500 play for free for 1 hour and you keep any profit at the end of the hour (up to $200). 40% added to your 1st deposit (must be $100 or more), get up to $400 free. Terms and conditions apply, see site for details.

Golden Tiger Casino get up to $250 free. 50% bonus offer + play 40 free offer: download  and flash version.
Gamble in oriental style at Golden Tiger. Enjoy 600 plus games. Bonus offer: play for free $40 and one hour, come out ahead and you can keep any profit up to $40 which is then added into your casino account as a bonus with play through requirements. 1st deposit gets 50% added, up to $250 free.

Strike It Lucky Casino : get $20 added to $40 1st purchase : download  and flash version.
Come play with the luck of the Irish and you too could Strike It Lucky at this flash only casino and the only one of its kind at Casino Rewards. Enjoy 148 flash games. Bonus offer: $20 free with a purchase of $40.

Zodiac Casino : $10 no deposit and $40 added to $100 deposit (1st) : download only. If you’re into horoscopes then you’ll certainly like Zodiac casino. Play here today because this is the day you first took notice of this psychic casino. Don’t dare let the karma pass you by.  It rocks you with over 400 downloadable games.
Bonus offer: $10 free, no deposit necessary + $40 added to 1st deposit (must be minimum of $100 to get the bonus).

Aztec Riches Casino : $850 over 3 deposit schedule : download only.  Flavoured from the jungles of central America, get your share of the lost gold at Aztec Riches. Offers around 200 games in their download version and over 200 in the flash. Bonus offer:  $850 bonus over a  three deposit schedule.

Phoenician Casino : $1200 over a 3 deposit schedule : download  and flash version.  Another casino with an ethnic theme. 200 games
Bonus offer: a three deposit bonus schedule which puts $1200 into the player’s pocket.

Yukon Gold Casino : $50 match bonus : download  and flash version.  Join the rush to the great north and get in on the gold! Just over 400 games in download version and 148 in flash casino. Bonus offer: $50 match or one hour free play bonus to new players.

Virtual City Casino : download  and flash version. Over 500 games in total. Bonus offer: $10 free with no deposit necessary to try out the games and when you decide you like the casino and want to deposit they add $40 to your first deposit if it is over $100.

Captain Cooks Casino : play $500 free offer: download only. Bonus offer: $500 play for free for 1 hour and you keep any profit at the end of the hour (up to $200). 40% added to your 1st deposit (must be $100 or more), get up to $400 free. Terms and conditions apply, see site for details.
One of the oldest online casinos, Captain Cooks was at one time a very prominent gaming site but poor management led to its nearly disappearing forever but Casino Rewards stepped in and bought them along with other properties from the same network.  Boasting close to 300 games, Captain Cook invites you to step aboard and see where the winds take you.

Casino kingdom :  $77 match bonus: download only. Your kingdom awaits! Another casino snatched from the mouth of non-existence by this great network. 500 plus games.  Bonus offer: $77 match bonus for new players.

Casino Classic : play $500 free offer: download only. One of Casino Rewards biggest gaming sites with a whopping  300  downloadable games.
Bonus offer: $500 play for free for 1 hour and you keep any profit at the end of the hour (up to $200). 40% added to your 1st deposit (must be $100 or more), get up to $400 free. Terms and conditions apply, see site for details.

Lucky Emperor Casino : $10 no deposit necessary and $100 match bonus on 1st deposit: download  and flash version.  500 or more games.
Bonus offer: $10 free, no deposit necessary +100 match bonus on your first deposit.

Challenge Casino : $1000 bonus over 3 deposit schedule: download and flash version has over 200 games. Part of  the failed network of casinos that Casino Rewards just bought. Bonus offer: $1000 to new players over a 3 deposit schedule.

Golden Reef Casino : $100 match on 1st deposit: download  and flash version.
Part of  the failed network of casinos that Casino Rewards just bought.  Golden Reef was the previous network’s flagship casino. It has 150 plus games and please remember that all of these casinos are adding four more games to their stable every month. Bonus offer: $100 match on your first deposit so make sure you deposit at least $100 if you want the bonus.

Music Hall Casino : 25% up to $500 free: download  and flash version.  Another of the failed network. Jam on down with this music hall themed online casino. 100+ games.  Bonus offer:  25% match – up to $500 free.

Nostalgia Casino :  A minimum deposit of 1 dollar to get $20 bonus or a 25% bonus, get up to $50 free (twice) : download  and flash version.  It obviously has an oldies theme, I believe its the 50s. 500+ games. Bonus offer:  25% match – up to $50 free (twice over).

UK Casino Club offers 50%, up to $700 free: download  and flash version.  I’m guessing that UK Casino Club has an English theme to it but what is important is that it now has the Casino Rewards brand backing it up and that is confidence few other casino networks can match. 500+ games.
Bonus offer:   50% – up  to $125 free.

Casino Rewards offers a handful of quality online poker rooms which all actually feed into the same poker room only the logos will reflect which poker room you entered from, so for example if you entered from Aztec Riches then the logo would say Aztec Riches, and if you entered through Captain Cooks then the logo would reflect that fact.

All the favorite poker games are available to play at stakes which range from the very affordable to the high stakes tables.

Casino Rewards Licence

Casino Rewards is considered the premier online casino loyalty program in the industry, and there are plenty of reasons for this.

The program provides its members with some of the best benefits around, providing incentives and exclusive promotions throughout the year.

Players are able to join the VIP CASINO program for free and then start collecting their points at the nineteen top quality online casinos that are part of the Casino Rewards program.

VIP points are earned from the minute the player signs up with an affiliated Zodiac casino and playing some of the most impressive games produced by Microgaming will soon see those points climb significantly.

Who is Casino Rewards? Casino Rewards has been part of the online gambling industry for over a decade and is a leader in safe and secure gaming. Besides being a member of the Interactive Gaming Council, Casino Rewards also boasts certification by the industry watchdog eCOGRA and carries its Safe and Fair seal.

Who are the Affiliate Online Casinos? Nineteen online casinos make up the VIP Casino Rewards program, all of them recognized as top notch, highly respected sites. The casinos are multi-lingual, with round the clock support every day of the year, professional and regulated.

All the sites boast state of the art games packages, with literally hundreds of titles to choose from. Players can choose from a huge number of game variants, including slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, video poker, craps and much, much more.

Large progressive jackpots are also up for grabs, awarding life-changing sums of money to lucky winners. Some of the online casinos that form part of the Casino Rewards program include: Aztec Riches Casino, Blackjack Ballroom, Casino Classic, Golden Tiger Casino, Lucky Emperor Casino, Golden Reef Casino and more. Why Join Casino Rewards? There are plenty of good reasons to join the premier loyalty program in the business.

For one, membership is absolutely free, meaning that there are no membership fees and no hidden costs. For that very reason alone, it is worth joining. Players will earn 1 VIP point for every $10 wagered, which means that the points total grows quickly.

To earn more points, players should look out for great weekly and monthly promotions that will increase their total faster. It is important to note that points never expire and can be claimed at the player’s leisure. Joining Casino Rewards is also very convenient.

Players simply need to open one single Casino Rewards account and they will be able to redeem their points at ALL the online casinos that form a partnership with this rewards program. That means using one password and one account name at all
20+ casinos in order to claim loyalty points.

Instead of remaining a small player at many sites, the player becomes a VIP player at all the sites. Joining the program is one of the easiest steps around. Players simply choose a partner casino to join, take advantage of the super welcome promotions and then start collecting their loyalty points.

It’s as easy as that! The best online casinos from Casino Rewards have loyalty scheme of which there are a large range of casino sites all linked up to that VIP Casino comp points program.

As such when you set about playing online there is a chance that one of the casino sites you choose to play at is a member of that scheme, and if so there are, as you would expect, several rewards and extras that will be on offer to you by playing real money online casino games at those sites.

However, players must always be aware that gambling in any shape or form does pose a risk to their money, and players should never be tempted to play at a casino site purely for the comps or bonuses or any additional promotional offers they may be offered.

Having said that though, if you are a player that can and does stick to their own personal gambling limits when playing any type of casino games, then you will have fun and entertainment when playing at any casino that is part of the Casino Rewards group, and below I will be giving you an insight into just which casinos they are and a wealth of additional information too.

Be advised that as those casinos that belong to Casino Rewards offer their services to players from many different countries of the world, they will offer players the ability of choosing one of many different currency options as the one they use on their account and also offer plenty of language options too.

Casino Rewards Games

There will be literally hundreds of different casino styled games and plenty of unique games on offer at any casino that is part of the Casino Rewards group, and as such you should find the game you do enjoy playing and much more importantly will be able to play them for stake levels you can afford too, which is good to know. Not only will you have access to slot machines video poker games, and load of differently structured card and table games, but games such as Keno and scratch cards games will also be available to you too.

It is worth me pointing out that most of the Casino Rewards casinos will offer an instant play gaming platform, a fully downloadable gaming platform, and a mobile casino app too. If however you do enjoy trying your chances on card and table games, you may also find live gaming platform available at those casino sites too, and as such you will be accessing gaming tables based in land based gaming venues and can play your bets and wagers onto those tables from home via your computer. The footage of the gaming tables by the way, are beamed over the internet in real time, so when playing live casino games you can see every aspect of those games being played, form the dealer shuffling the playing cards and then dealing them out, to the croupiers spinning the roulette wheels too.

I would also suggest that if you are the type of casino game player that does enjoy trying out brand new casino games, you keep your eyes peeled for the regularly launched new games all Casino Rewards member casinos make live on their gaming platforms each month, as there will certainly be plenty of new game you can test drive for free too if you so desire.

Casino Rewards Reviews

In this final section of my guide to Casino Rewards and their member casinos, I have uploaded feedback and comments that have been sent in by our website visitors that have played at those casino sites at one time or another. You are openly invited to send into us your own personal feedback and comments related to any Casino Rewards member casino and let the world know just how your gaming session went at any of their casino sites.

I have noticed that Casino Rewards now have an automated instant chat question and answer service, and whilst sceptical as to whether it would irritate me or not give me answers to the questions I had, I do have to say I was mighty impressed with it, and it did save me having to wait until live casino support agent became available.

When I visit Las Vegas I am able to pool my comp points earned as several different casinos I gamble in, which is what I have also noticed I can now do at the Casino Rewards casino sites, and that has allowed me to earn loads of comp points by concentrating my playing efforts at their casinos rather that spread my gaming action around casinos owned by different companies that are not linked together.

Just a quickie to day that from my experience the Casino Rewards casinos do have some very strict rules in place regarding claiming their bonus offers, so if you do intend to play at any of their casino sites make sure you read their terms and conditions through at all times.

The live gaming platforms as the casinos that are part of Casino Rewards do offer plenty of table games and card games, and one aspect of playing those games as opposed to their software-based games is that you can chat to the dealers and other players via the chat room.

Being offered plenty of promotional offers and deals over and above the sign up bonuses is one of the main reasons why I tend to play mainly at Casino Rewards casinos, and with very straight forward terms and conditions and the fact those bonuses are credited to my account the very second I claim them, that saves having to wait around for the bonuses to show up in my account, which is something that often happens at other casino sites.

The only negative experience I have had played at Casino Rewards casinos is that I did have a little bit of trouble getting my account verified, as they are strict regarding just which documents they accept to verify players account. So, my tip so to get your account verified before you start to play to save wasting time later.

I never understand the point of claiming bonuses, for as a player at Casino Rewards casino sites if you play with your own money they will let you cash out your winnings at any time, and you are not forced to have to adhere to any play through requirements or game restrictions.

Just letting you know that on the odd occasional I have been lucky enough to win the few casinos I have played at that belong to Casino Rewards have always paid me out my winnings in line with the pay-out time scales, and have always allowed me to make my withdrawals using a payment method of my own choosing rather than one the casino wants me to withdrawal my winnings by.

Casino Rewards Promotions

Walk into any land based casino in places such as Casino Rewards Canada, and you will always be best advised to sign up to the players club at each of those  casinos before you start to play, as by doing so you will be rewarded with lots of little extras based on your level of gaming action.

Well, if you fancy placing casino games online or on any type on mobile device, then you will find the rewards scheme in place at each of our featured casinos is going to be even more generous than those land-based casinos.

Those top rated casinos, such as Blackjack Ballroom Casino, the most popular  Zodiac Casino and then new Grand Mondial Casino mobile all share the same loyalty scheme, that being the world famous Casino Rewards club, and as such when playing at any of those casino sites you are going to be very well looked after when it comes to comps and bonuses.

Let me take a look at just what you are going to be getting access to when you sign up to any of those fully licensed and regulated casino sites and set about playing any of their casino games in a real money playing environment.

Be aware though that there is no need to have to sign up to the Casino Rewards club separately, for by simply registering as a new player at any of those casino sites listed up above you will instantly be registered for Casino Rewards.

Casino Rewards Comp Points

Each wager you play will earn you comp points, and those point can be instantly redeemed for playing credits one you have earned enough of them.

However, there are six tiers of Casino Rewards, so by staying loyal to those casinos you will find you can rise up through those tiers and by doing so you will benefit from enhanced comps as you play.

Each day you log into your account you can enter the VIP Lucky Jackpot competition on which you could win a huge amount of cash, and you can enter three times each day which instantly triples your chance of picking up a prize.

One of the main attractions of playing at those three casinos thanks to the Casino Rewards club is that you are going to have access to all manner of unique and very high valued weekday and weekend promotional offers which can be instantly claimed too.

You really do owe it to yourself to play at only the very best online and mobile casino sites, and there is no doubt that as soon as you start to experience the extra bonuses and comps that will always be showered upon you at those three casino sites you are never going to have the urge and need to play anywhere else.

Plus, do keep in mind, as you can see as you look around this website, there are some high valued sign up welcome bonuses available at each of those casino sites too.