With most casinos now operating on a ticket in ticket out system or as they are also known a TITO type system, a lot of the old coin validator and hopper scams that have plagued the slot machine industry for decades, have been completely eradicated

However, as sure as night follows day, there are always going to be scamsters and fraudsters looking at ways that they can defraud a casino and/or their gaming machines, and it looks like many such scammers are turning their attention to the TITO vouchers.

Many Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities have very strict guidelines in place, regarding how any ticket in ticket out system should be designed, and one of their many requirements is that each voucher must have a full audit trail and also boasts its own unique bar code and serial number too.

Therefore whenever a TITO voucher is paid out to a slot player, they can then redeem it for cold hard cash instantly, either at an automated teller machine or via a slot attendant or at the cashiers cage.

The casino employees redeeming such vouchers for customers must scan the barcode and then verify a vouchers validity, and pay out the winning player in cash, however some employees do not follow set procedures which is how some scamsters can pull off a TITO voucher scam.

One way that has been achieves in the past is for a fraudster to simply make a photocopy of a TITO voucher, and take the original voucher to a casino employee, who if not following correct procedure of validating them instantly, will cash that voucher in for that scamster on the spot, and then simply save up each of the vouchers that they have redeemed and validate them at a later date.

The scamster then simply inserts the photocopied voucher into a slot machine, after cashing in original one, and then sets about cashing out their credits for a new voucher which they can then redeem for cash via an automated teller machine. It is not until the casino employee finally gets around to validating all TITO voucher that they have redeemed later in the day that the scam is uncovered.

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