It is always sound thinking to establish a banking deposit strategy for your game play. This is something totally different than has to do with deposits, withdrawals or the cashier. It has to do with money management during your gambling sessions.

Loss Limits For Your Bankroll Deposits

Loss limits are the core to this deposit strategy and probably should be whenever discussing bankroll.

Below I offer my version of banking strategy but you can use almost anything that splits up your money so that you have boundaries that force you to stop and think about what you are doing. For myself,  it seems to work best when I allow myself to get totally involved into the game or even the spinning of the slots and not give my attention to the bottom line. The problem with that is I can easily go further than I had intended which of course on those times when you don’t catch a win to boost you back up, you are going to blame the fact you allowed yourself to dig such a deep hole.

One of my favorite sayings is you can never dig yourself out of a hole. The first step towards solving the problem is to stop digging. Easier said than done however as most of us know. This banking strategy will quickly become second nature to you and it allows for all the things you look for when gambling. A second chance, the chance to win big and after all else fails the opportunity to start over and try again.

Example of Casino Banking Strategy Using Loss Limit on Deposits

Lets say you started with $50 and increased it to $200 after hitting a nice win.  Now is the time to install a loss limit. 25% is a good number.

That means your first loss limit will be at $150.  If you get back down to $150 then you change your approach and stop betting quite as aggressively and move your wagers back down to your own comfort zone. However until that time you should embrace the chance to be a bit wilder or perhaps better said,  more profound in your wagers.

If you get lucky and catch another win at that higher than normal comfort stakes then you are off and running.  Catching a win at stakes which are double or triple your norm really catapults your bank roll which needless say will greatly increase your entertainment value.

In other words if you normally spin the slots at $.25 then until that first loss limit is hit,  bet more than the norm any time you feel you might get lucky. Move credit values up to $.50 or even $1.00

Many of us have streaks which justify just leaving it at a higher credit level so just play it however your gut tells you and don’t worry if you lose down to your first loss limit. Remember you just won a nice amount therefore it is likely you still have some luck left so give it the opportunity to pay off at the higher stakes. Just be sure to keep an eye on your bank so that if you fall to your loss limit that you can change style of play.

I’m Losing And It’s All Your Damn Strategy’s Fault

On those days when you see your wagers fall short of spectacular and eventually you see your bankroll withered to your loss limit remember that is why the limit is installed so you can play guilt-free so to speak,  meaning you pretty much expected you would lose this 25% but were willing to find that as an acceptable risk for the benefits it stood to pay.

However that time is now past until next you are able to move your loss limit up which won’t come again until after you’ve hit another nice win. Meantime you still have 3x what you started playing with which ought to allow for a lot of opportunities of seeing your bankroll get bigger instead of smaller.

If all goes badly and you end up back at your original starting point then it is probably a wise decision to walk away from the games for a while and come back at a later time when hopefully your luck has taken a turn for the better.

And yes,  I apologize that this strategy ONLY left you with enough to start over having the same as before. 🙂   Good luck!

Just to walk you thru this,  your next loss limit is at $100.  So play your normally comfortable manner until you get down to that amount.

If you reach $100 then now you are on your last comfort zone. The last remaining loss limit is at the amount you started playing which is $50.  If you reach that mark it is wise to quit and come back later or even the next day.

If you see yourself climb back to the $200 mark then I suggest again allowing yourself more freedom in your approach because you want to take as much advantage of a lucky streak as possible and that is accomplished by betting more when it is your turn to enjoy a good streak.