To be completely honest, I cannot say because I have never done the math for any casino bonus wagering requirement and frankly it hurts my head to even think about the kind of equation it must take, be it algebra or some even harder kind of math, to figure out whether you are better off (financially) to accept a bonus promotion or not, but I think we can all agree that casinos are not created to lose money.

How many time to Wager the Bonus Money

If you consider that gambling is a business which if ran in an honest manner,  is created to pay the customer back on an average of about 95% what is wagered, (not what is spent), then it is of course to their advantage to have you wager more often than not, so the math gets a little bit easier to figure.

Leave out the actual figures, and suffice to say that if they can get you to wager your money twice as much as you would have otherwise, then the casino stands to earn twice as much. Double, off the same person.

But how do we get the player to wager their money twice as much? What about if we give them twice as much to wager with and then tell them that to do that, they must accept our offer that they will gamble this money as often as the terms and conditions state.

Of course, it took all of about one-zillionth of a second for the casinos to conclude that they could get a lot more than double promised from the players once they saw that extra wad of casino cash in front of their eyes.

The offers that now flood the world of online gambling have altered the waters forever. One thousand, even two thousand percent bonus offers exist at reputable casinos, admittedly those numbers are for a buy one dollar, get twenty-one to new players only, (see Zodiac casino in my guaranteed casinos section *no USA accepted there at this time but there are some great bonus offers available for those looking for Online Casinos that accept USA players).

It has become a gamble of whether or not the player can out last the play-thru requirements rather than whether the player can beat the odds of any particular game.

Since it takes a math genius to be able to tell whether play-thru requirements are what is deemed fair or if they are on the ridiculous side, then it is a good bet that the odds have not changed any further towards the player’s advantage when they accept the bonus.

Remember the longer you play, the more likely it is that you will lose your bank roll and that is why casinos offer such big incentive bonus offers, because they know that at the end of the day the spread of large numbers will have helped to bring around their bottom line to what is predicted.

Short term or small numbers are not nearly so subject to prediction which is what makes winning a possibility very much within reach and therefore gambling a popular pastime