Most casinos have at least two separate terms and conditions for bonuses. One is the general terms and the second is the terms for that specific bonus agreement. Some casinos even have more than the two areas of T&Cs.

Be aware it is always on you to find them and make sure you understand them. Do not fall into the habit of just playing because the casino won’t tell you that you screwed any chance of getting paid by breaking the terms,  unless they have to,  meaning unless you win and want to get paid.

Such practice is commonplace and when players “just play” they fall into a false sense of confidence which later is only discovered after the player has won a substantial amount of money. Only they have NOT won it because they broke the T&Cs.

If the T&Cs state your account “may have winnings voided” then that means don’t do it. Any time you see a word like “may” … always assume it means whatever the worst that can happen to you .. is what is going to happen.

Fax Back Proof of Identity for Online Casinos

Always figure the T&Cs are exact,  meaning that if it says you must be living at the address you provide,  and that it must be in your name, that it means just that! You cannot live with your mother and put down that address as your own and expect the casino to later (when they are investigating you because you won a lot of money) say well that’s okay.  Because they will not and they will use that as reason to not pay you.

Everything you provide must be exactly accurate. The above scenario actually happened, and the player didn’t get paid. If you have anything out of the least that is not completely ordinary and correct, expect the same. Living at your mother’s address and saying it is yours,  is not the truth.

Max Withdrawals

Note that most casinos have a max per week cashout of anywhere from 2500 to 14000+, All the above is made known at that respective casino sites.

Folks in the states would do well to always stay under ten grand whenever money comes in to you because it stays under the radar of the taxidermy man if you get the drift.  Any transaction of ten thousand or more sends up an automatic notice to those who’d like to know. So do under 10k withdrawals, and never more than one at a time. (if you want to stay under the radar, I don’t advise not claiming income).