Some slot players will enjoy the banter and camaraderie that takes place with fellow players when playing slot machines, but I would say most players would rather play a slot machine without being constantly interrupted by other players.

One player however who set about playing that slot machines over at the Casino Arizona in Scottsdale soon regretted striking up a conversation with a player sat playing a slot machine alongside the one he was playing recently.

Whilst chatting away to the other player, he happened to mention that he was visiting from Mexico and was therefore a Mexican citizen, and whilst that information was seemingly innocent enough, it turned out to be the key to him getting scammed out of a huge jackpot win.

As he was sat playing he was lucky enough to win a $5,000 jackpot, however the other player who had struck up a conversation with him quickly mentioned as soon as the jackpot winning combination had been spun in, that only U.S citizens could claim a jackpot, and as such that jackpot would be confiscated by the casino.

That was of course total nonsense, but fearing he would lose his jackpot pay-out, he agreed with the suggestion put forth by the other player, and that was he would quickly swap seats with him and allow him to claim the jackpot in exchange for a $1,500 share of it.

Once the jackpot was verified and the required paperwork for a slot machine jackpot was filled in the other player was paid out the jackpot, however it was at that point in time he jumped up and legged it out of the casino with the winnings in hand.

The police were called, and an investigation was launched to which one Richard Burrell, a 51-year-old Scottsdale man has been charged with theft and will be appearing in court on September the 18th of this year.

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