You will see plenty of slot play videos as you look around this website, and as such one question you may have is whether it is legal to film yourself playing slot machines inside a land-based casino or not.

Well, that will always be down to the casino management team in place at any casino you are visiting, for its very fair and true to say some of them will be stuck in their old ways and living in another century and will not permit players to film themselves gambling in their respective venues.

However, some casinos have very liberal rules in place regarding taking pictures or filming yourself inside their venues, and as long a you take care not to film other gamblers in those venues you should have no problems being able to take as many pictures or filming yourself when playing in most casinos these days.

One of the reasons why some casinos have weird and wonderful rules regarding filming yourself playing a slot machine however is that there was a scam uncovered recently in which fraudsters were able to work out which the aid of a third party sat away from the casino when some slot machines were about to pay out.

It was due to an unusual irregularity regarding the random number generators attached to some slot machines, and by filming themselves playing live and sending that footage in real time to another member of their slot scamming team it was possible to work out when to hit the spin button to guarantee a winning spin.

So if you do ever get asked to stop filming inside a casino, then its best you do stop filming, or you will be asked to leave, and many players have also found themselves being banned from some casinos simply for filming their own slot play.

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