Classic slot games are simply the older styled 3 reel slots which use a set of stepper reels as opposed to a video screen to display the reels upon, and the one defining features of such slots is that players will only ever have one single pay-line activated on each and every base game spin they play off.

Now, one question that you may have about playing Classic Slots is whether they can be higher paying slots than any other type of slot machine, and the answer to that question will be dependent on the jackpots they have on offer and the long term expected pay-out percentages too.

All slot machines will be designed to return to players a percentage of their stake money as winning pay-outs over the long term, and they can vary greatly from slot to slot, so if you do like the ease at which Classic slots operate then simply play the ones which come with RTP’s that have been set higher than 97.00%.

Regarding the jackpots attached to Classic Slots, I would also advise you to look at the pay tables of any such slot you like the look of and may be tempted to play, especially the jackpot attached to such slots.

The reason for checking the pay table is that you could for example play a Classic Slot that offers a jackpot of lets say 1000 coins when its being played for one coin activated on the single pay-line, which increases to 2000 coins when its being played for 2 coin spins.

However , if the jackpot for a 3 coin spin is valued at over 3000 coins then that jackpot has been enhance in value, and the way to make that slot become a much better and higher paying slot if it does offer an enhanced jackpot, is to only ever play it with 3 coin spins in live play.

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