Most casinos across the globe are going to have some slot machines on which a wheel spinning based bonus game can be triggered, however one of the most popular slots offering such a bonus game is the Wheel of Fortune series of slots.

That machine has been around for years, and whilst there are plenty of different variants of it available in loads of land based and online casinos, the bonus game hasn’t really changed that much, due to the simple fact slot players cannot get enough of triggering it.

Brian Christopher Slots is the name one of YouTube slot playing channel, that has recently been catapulted into the top ten slot play video channels on YouTube, and each day, the owner of that channel, Brian Christopher, uploads a video of his latest slot playing exploits.

In the video above you will see him getting stuck into playing a high limit version of the Wheel of Fortune slot, which can be a risky slot to play at the best of times, however for high stake players that are prepared to give it a try, the possible rewards are there for the taking.

He does also play a selection of other slot machines on the video above, for some much more modest stake levels, however, do feel free to tune in and see how he gets on. The Wheel of Fortune slot is of course based on the TV Game show Wheel of Fortune.

The way in which the Wheel of Fortune slot machine awards its wheel spinning bonus game by the way, is that on the three reel version of that slot the bonus symbol needs to be spun in on the one single pay-line on the third reel, and there is never any knowing when that bonus symbol will make an appearance of course.

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