They do say too many cooks spoil the broth, but then again they do say that many hands make light work, so how do you suppose two popular slot players on YouTube would get on when they join forces and get stuck into playing a range of slot machines?

Well you will find out by watching the video below, which was a recent live broadcast from Brian Christopher Slots and Slot Queen, both of whom will be worth subscribing to on YouTube if you are an avid slot player, as they do upload plenty of slot play videos regularly.

All the usual trials and tribulations of playing slot games will be revealed in that video, and the highs and lows of their slot playing session too, so do sit back, tune in and watch just how they got on playing a range of different slot machines recently.

When it comes to you playing slot machines however, always do keep a level head and do not get too carried away with the stakes you are playing for, for it can be way too easy to increase the stakes you are playing or when you are winning, which could soon put a dint into your profits.

One question you may want answering is regarding filming your own slot play, and that is whether all casinos are going to allow you to do just that, and the answer to that question is dependent on just which casino you are playing in.

Whilst some casinos have no problems letting their players record their slot play, as long as they do not film other players, some casinos will not allow any type of video recording on their premises or on their gaming floors, so just be aware of that if you intend to fire up your camera and film yourself playing.

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