If you are from the UK then unless you have been out of the country for quite some time, you will be more than aware of the fact that betting shops have had to impose very low new maximum staking limits to players of their Fixed Odds Betting Terminals or FOBT’s as they are also known.

The maximum stake per game played has been dropped from £100 to a measly £2 per spin, and as such all bookies across Great Britain have reported massive drops in income and therefore much lower profits gained from their FOBT’s.

Whilst games such as Roulette can still be played, for a maximum stake per spin of just £2, long-time fans of those games have chosen to give up playing them, for with a maximum bet per spin of £2 they do not offer the same levels of excitement nor the same potential huge winning pay-outs they once did.

Slot machine players have always had plenty of choice of slots to play on FOBT’s and whilst those players are always happy to play such games for very low stakes, it has become very apparent that with Roulette players deserting FOBT’s, slot players are not spending anywhere near as much playing slot games on those gaming machines as Roulette players once did.

As such many bookmakers have decided to close all of their now non profitable betting shops, and not surprisingly that means most major bookies in the UK have announced literally thousands of betting shops are due to close at some point this year.

Some very concerted efforts have been made to get one time FOBT players to switch over to playing at the online and mobile casino sites and apps all bookies have on offer these days, however that appears to be something many of them have not been interested in doing, and most of the diehard Roulette players are now visiting land based casinos to get their Roulette game playing fix.

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