To celebrate his recent Birthday, popular YouTuber SD Guy flew into Vegas to meet up with a few of his slot playing friends, and all being avid slot players they decided to have a group pull (not that type of group pull, but a slot group pull).

The slot machine chosen was an elderly slot and one designed by WMS, that being the Airplane slot, but nevertheless a slot well worth playing, and each member of the group put in $100, and he decided to use be his preferred up and down staking strategy when playing that slot.

If you watch the video below which he recently uploaded, you are going to see just how they got on playing that slot, and I think its fair to say they were all very happy with the result of that session.

The up down staking strategy is one that has often been profitable for SD Guy, and all that it entails a slot player doing is to play a slot with the maximum number of pay-lines in play and then start to increase the increment of coins wagered on each consecutive spin.

As soon as you end up with the maximum stake per spin on the coin value setting you are playing for, simply move back down the coin increments one at a time and then back upwards again.

The basic aim of that slot playing strategy is ideally to end up spinning in a high valued base game winning pay-out when you are playing on maximum coin spin or trigger the bonus game instead on that spin.

But there is always the chance you could of course trigger a bonus game when playing the lowest number of coins per spin, but that is the risk you take when using such a slot playing system, but it is one that can often pay off big style.  Make sure you check out the SD Guy slot playing channel on YouTube for more of his video.

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