You really do need to get an understanding of just what is on offer at the BetFair betting site before you join up to it as this is like no other betting site that you will have come across before. For a start they operate something known as a betting exchange, and unlike other sites where you are simply placing wagers against the company running that site, when you sign up to BetFair you will be betting against other users of their site!

As a customer of BetFair you are given the option of being able to place your bets and wagers in the standard way and as such you simply need to look up the betting event you wish to place a wager on and place your bets using their platform. These bets will then be struck and will have been placed with another user of the site.

However, you can also do something known as lay a bet, and this is where you choose to offer your own odds on any sporting event – for which Bet 365 offers great odds, and as such another user of the site will then accept your odds offered and if whatever event they have bet on and the outcome they have chosen wins then you have to pay them out at the odds you offered, but if they outcome they chose was not the final outcome of the sporting event then you will win off that user their

To ensure fair play and complete transparency all of the financial transactions are handled by BetFair and as such if you choose to place a bet then your stakes are removed from your account at the time of striking that bet.

If on the other hand you choose to lay a bet and offer your own odds, as soon as another user accepts your odds and places a bet their stakes are removed from their account balance and your potential losses are also removed from your account, as soon as the event is over winners are paid out whether that is the user placing the bet or the user laying the bet.

Types of Bets You Can Place at BetFair

There is of course a massive array of different betting opportunities on offer at the BetFair betting site, and to give you just a small idea on some of them we have listed below the most commonly placed bets on a range of sporting events placed at this licensed and approved betting site via their betting exchange platform.

Soccer Bets – You can bet before a soccer match has got underway or after it has kicked off at BetFair, and you are not only going to be able to bet on which team you think is going to win for you can pick the correct sore, the first or last goal scorer or even try and correctly predict how many corners, penalties or even red and yellow cards are taken or handed out! You can also take a look at the soccer betting opportunities at Bet365 as there are hundreds of them always on offer.

Horse Racing Bets – The number of horse racing bettors who use the BetFair betting site really is enormous and as such this does of course mean the odds on offer on the BetFair Betting Exchange are often way higher than the odds found at a standard type of sports betting site. So if you want the chance of winning payouts that are going to be way higher than any port betting site can offer then make sure you take a look at the odds found on your selected horses at BetFair!

Novelty Bet – Every now and then a sports bettor may fancy a complete change and if you wish to place a range of wagers on some very unique and novelty type events then check out the current range of Novelty Bets offered by BetFair as you are going to be able to bet on television shows, the weather or even on political events! If you do not find a Novelty type of bet that takes you eye then it will not be very long before a brand new set of Novelty based wagering opportunities go live on the site as they are constantly updating them with new and even more unique bets and wagering opportunities!

Why Join BetFair?

There are many unique reasons why we think it would be a very wise decision of you to sing up and become a new customer of the BetFair betting site, and to enlighten you on what these reasons are we have an overview of the stand out qualities offered to all sports bettors who do decide to join up and start betting here. Have a look through this overview and then get yourself over to the BetFair betting site for you will find full details on how their betting exchange works and operates.

All Transactions Safe and Secure – As all of the financial transactions are 100% safe and secure you will never have any problems placing any type of bet at BetFair. As they hold both bets and stakes and pay winners out once any event has finished then you will never have any problems in regards to getting paid your winnings from other users!

New Mobile Platform Launched – You can now place your wagers anywhere thanks to the very robust and highly attractive mobile betting Apps that BetFair have designed and made available to all of their customers. You will have possibly missed out in the past on a winning betting opportunity due to you not being near a computer and unable to get those bets placed, but now all you need to have is a mobile device or any mobile phone and you can place you bets instantly!

New In Play Betting Opportunities – One of the most exciting ways you can now place a sporting related wager is by placing those bets once the action has begun and thanks to the In Play betting markets on offer from BetFair that is exactly what you will be able to do!