I do not like to do that because some of my best slot jackpots have come when two big wins happen in one run. Granted that is not an everyday occurrence but if you ever experience it you will fully understand why I do not stop the game even if it means not getting a picture of my big win but I do however get the money and that is without doubt the best slot jackpot one can hope for is catching two big sized wins in the same breath.

Greedy little shit aren\’t I? Ah but as a friendly blackjack dealer once pointed out to me as we were on a good run and I was putting his chips (tips) with my bets and doubling them before they arrived into his hands … he told me, /”Greed is a good thing in a casino!/”.  Them dealers do not miss a trick.

Speaking of hitting two wins in one run, how about two wins on a single spin? Sure, and I\’ve got examples posted to the right side of this article, just click on the small picture and it will enlarge. When you have seen enough just use your back button to return to this page.

I\’m thinking you can also set it to stop whenever a bonus screen is triggered that would require your judgment and that you can also set it to play through a situation where you need to make a choice but I might be wrong about that last part.

I guess I should pay more attention and will try to remember to get back here to update this page at a later time.

After finished entering the information required by the auto play feature there will then be three choices available to you (assuming you\’re playing at a Microgaming powered casino) which will be a five spin button, a ten spin button and the final choice sets the auto play mode to run for as long as the number you entered into the information pop up which occurs when you first try to initiate the feature.

You should note that the auto play pop up has a box you can click that says /”do not show this to me again/” and if you choose that box it won\’t allow you to change all your preset information so be very careful in your decisions if you plan on choosing to not see the box again. Check out the next page for more on the best slot jackpots and how to use the casino auto play to help achieve that goal