You are going to come across a plethora of Live Roulette Casinos at which you can play, however you really do owe it to yourself not to play at the first one you come across, you should be demanding and getting the absolute best Roulette games offering you both fair and honest games.

Below we have listed what we know to be the best Roulette sites online, we have hand picked each one based on their collection of Roulette game variants, the speed at which they pay players, and of course the ones which offer you certified fair games.

Feel free to have a good look through the Live Roulette sites listed below, we just know several of them will appeal to you, and should you want further information on any of them simply follow the links for our in depth casino and Roulette site reviews, where amongst other things you will find full details of the current bonus offers available at each approved Roulette site.

Top RouletteĀ Casinos To Play Live Online Roulette

GuruPlay Casino – At the top of our best Roulette sites is GuruPlay Casino, they really have impressed us with what they have to offer Roulette players, and if you are seeking Live Roulette games then you just have to checkout the versions they offer which are guaranteed to give you plenty of fun and entertainment. GuruPlay Casino Review.

Super Casino – You may have seen this Roulette site on your television, as they have their own dedicated channel of Sky and also broadcast throughout the night on Channel 5 in the UK, you will not only get non stop Roulette action broadcast in real time but their team of presenters do add some enjoyment to your Roulette sessions! Super Casino Review.

Lucky Live Casino – The large paying winning Roulette session could just be round the corner if you opt to play at Lucky Live Casino, they broadcast their Live Roulette games from a land based casino and if you want a little more enjoyment from playing Roulette online then make sure you activate the chat room where you can have some light hearted banter with the Croupiers and your fellow players. Lucky Live Casino Review.

Celtic Casino – Another of the next generation of online casinos who will let you play a range of Roulette games, one game worth checking out is of course their Live Roulette game, where you will always be able to see what is happening in the Casino simply by logging in and watching the live video broadcast. Celtic Casino Review.

Genting Casino – For the ultimate online Roulette playing experience then make sure you checkout the offerings available from Genting Casino, they not only have live Roulette games always up and running but they also have a comprehensive suite of software driven games including the brand new Mini Roulette game. Genting Casino Review.

Smart Live Casino – One of the biggest and best online casinos which has recently launched online is the Lucky Live Casino, as the name suggest they offer you Live Roulette games, however they also have a large collection of other casino games of every possible description. Smart Live Casino Review.

Fairway Casino – This is a brand new online casino and as such it may well be worth you checking out if you fancy bagging yourself a welcome bonus offer which is a quite generous one, both Live Casino games are offered along with the usual sprinkling of software driven games. Fairway Casino Review.