Being a mobile casino as well as online casino players you will no doubt be wondering which are the best paying casino games, and if this question has ever passed your passed then we will hopefully give you a few pointers on which are the best games to play in terms of them having the lowest house edge and therefore give you a sporting chance of having a winning session.

Traditionally it is usually the video poker games which offer the best value, with games often returning 99% plus to the player and with the addition of things such as bonuses and comps you will often get this to as close as 100% as possible. It is worth pointing out that no gambling game is going to offer you a return to player payout percentage of over 100% as if it did the casino would be on a long term losing deal with that game.

Blackjack is also another game where the house edge is relatively low, there are however many different variants of blackjack so it is important to check with version you are playing as the game play rules along with how many decks are in play will pay an important part in the house edge and therefore your chances of winning.

Roulette is another game which has several regional variants however the type of version you play will have a direct effect on the house edge, thus making some mobile casino games much better than others for both the players and of course the casino itself, whilst mobile gaming is in its infancy we do suggest you check which games are available.

American Roulette may be offered by some mobile casinos but this game is a long terms winner for casinos and returns a much great house edge than any other roulette game, this is of course due to their being two zeros in play on the wheel and with straight up numbers paying 35 to 1 and there being 38 numbers on the wheel you can see where this higher house edge comes from, so try and avoid this game if you see it offered by an online casino.

European Roulette is going to be the most common roulette game you are going to find offered at most mobile casinos and this game will return a house edge around half that of the variant above and therefore you will get much better value from playing it as there is only one zero in play on the wheel.

French Roulette at this time is not offered by any mobile casino that we know of, but if it does become available then this is a great game to play if you prefer to wager on the even money paying betting propositions for when a zero spins in, of which there is just one on the wheel these kinds of wagers do not lose as you are often given half your stakes back on them as opposed to them being losing wagers.

Slot machines of which there are a great number of them online offer returns usually in the 96% to 98% range, and as such they offer a so-so sort of chance that you are going to hit a decent win, as these games are completely random you just need lady luck on your side when you play them.

Many casino card and table games offer some form of side bet which you can either place before the game begins or during it, for example the Insurance bet which is offered in Blackjack will give you payout odds of 2 to 1 and if the Dealer ends up having a blackjack then your Insurance wager wins, however this is a mug bet as the house edge on this bet is massive and casinos love it when players take and place this wager.

When you are playing some slot machines there is often an increased payout for hitting the jackpot combination when you have placed a maximum coin and line wager, this increases the payout percentage of the player so on most of these kinds of slot machines you should always play a maximum bet spin to take advantage of that increased payout percentage via this enhanced jackpot payout.

Some games however such as the Mega Moolah progressive slot machine which can be found at our Microgaming powered mobile casinos have four progressive jackpots attached to it and these are paid totally at random and it doesn\’t matter what stakes you are playing them for, a max bet spin will increase your chances of being awarded the progressive bonus game however low stake players can often trigger them, so you can indeed hit the progressive even by playing for lower stake levels so if you budget is limited then low cost spins will be the order of the day.

Fruit Machines found in land based venues such as amusement arcades and pub etc often have payout percentages set in the low 70 percentage range, however their online and mobile casino equivalents do tend to p payout much higher amounts than this so if you like playing fruities then you should definitely consider playing them via your mobile device.

Scratchcards offer fairly poor returns to players, so if you are tempted to play these types of casinos games then you are best keeping your stakes to an absolute minimum and if you do happen to hit a decent payout then make sure you take the money and run as these games will soon gobble up your bankroll.