Barcrest certainly know how to design exciting slot and fruit machines, for they have been doing just that for many decades, and its true to say that their range of slots do also come with some impressive paybacks too.

This guide to Barcrest slot game pay-out percentages and RTP’s is going to reveal to you what you can expect to get back as winning pay-outs as a percentage of your slot playing stake money, but over the long term, and the higher the RTP on any Barcrest slot the more winning spins you will have over your long term play.

There are two slots from Barcrest that do have huge long term expected pay-out percentages, and they are the Monopoly Big Event and Ooh Aah Dracula slots, and when playing them over the long term you will find they offer RTP’s of some 99.00%.

Another slot that I think you will have hours of fun and plenty of entertainment value playing is the Sheik Yer Money slot, and savvy slot players already know that is a huge paying slot and one on which they get an RTP of some 98.20%.

Some other slots from Barcrest with high RTP’s include their Moon Shadow slot which has an RTP of 98.10%, and both the Rainbow Riches Pick \’n\’ Mix and Wild Knights: King’s Ransom slots both of which offer paybacks of some 98.00%.

The Jackpot Jewels slot has been set to return to players 96.50% of their stakes as winning pay-outs, and the Barkin\’ Mad and Wild Knights have pay-out percentages of 96.00%, and one other slot that you will enjoy playing thanks to its 95.20% RTP is the Call of Fruity slot, so do look out for that slot when you are in a slot playing frame of mind.

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