Scamming and defrauding slot machines is a career for some people, and as the years and then decades have ticked by some of the ways that people have ripped off gaming machines of any type have become much more advanced.

However, it can often be the case that some of the most basic of scams can still be used to rip off slot machines, and one part of any slot machine that is always going to be vulnerable to attack is of course the banknote validator, in which players insert their banknotes to obtain credits on a slot machine.

It is however almost impossible to use forged banknotes on any of the modern day banknote validators, as they have all been programmed with some very strict criteria as to which notes they will accept, and if a note does not pass the checks performed on a note inserted into a modern day validator then it will simply spit it back out.

One way that some slot machine fraudsters have always been able to manipulate such device, is by gaining access to the inner workings of them, however with all slot machines being very secure in their design, it is not easy to actually open up any slot machine and play around with the devices found inside them such as a the coin hoppers, cash boxes and banknote validators.

Some scamsters however have devised ingenious ways for them to be able to gain access to the wiring loom attached to note validators and be able to short-out the respective wires that will allow them to fraudulently obtain credits on a slot machine.

One way is for them to simply drill a small hole or series of holes in the side of a slot machines cabinet and then use small hand tools to short-out the validator wires that will able them to obtain credits on such a  machine, with the advent of small handheld cordless drill that is much easier to do than you may think.

After pulling off this type of scam a slot machine cheat will simply cover the small hole they drilled in the side of the machine with tape or something similar so it cannot be easily spotted by the slot machine operator.

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