The slot strategy tip using casino auto play involves the idea that luck runs in streaks as you have probably experienced at least to some degree.

It is most notably evident on those rare days when it seems like everything you touch is paying off.

You can also find examples in less rarity by watching the baccarat tables. I assume they still have the lit signs above the table that shows the pattern of the game in progress. (I haven\’t been to the real life casinos since the year began).

Well that’s the whole purpose of that lit sign is to provide players information on how the previous hands went because there is a strong belief amongst a sect of gamblers that these streaks can be made an advantage if you watch for them closely.

Many people only become aware of them at the end of the run or after it is completely over. In either case they do not act quickly enough to truly take advantage of the situation they were presented.

Lucky streaks are just that, streaks. Flashes in the pan. My slot strategy using casino auto play means choosing which number of spins you want to use, my preference is the ten spins button, and then just get started but watch the game and if you do not see it return a winner on the first or second spin then stop the game and start the process over.

*see a first win out of ten shown upper right this paragraph and see a winner that happened on the 9th spin (out of 10) below that. Click the picture to enlarge it. Use back button to return to this page. The third picture is a great example of when everything is working right.

Please note: these are personal observations which I offer only for consideration. Do not go out and bet the farm based on thisĀ  information. It simply is what seems to work best for me. ThereĀ  is no scientific basis to support my theories.

There is no way this method for playing can hurt you but after doing it for a while I think you will become a believer that the runs do happen in streaks and I also believe you will become a fan of stopping the runs that start out without a winner.

Some of my biggest money has come by using casino auto play and the slot strategy has to my knowledge only one drawback which is that the game doesn\’t stop even on the big wins. It will cruise right through them same as it would a loser unless of course you have it set to stop when a certain amount is won.