The new Encore Bostin Harbor Casino is of course now open, and it has been getting some mixed reviews from visitors, with many people awestruck at that new property and more than happy with the enormous selection of table games and slot machines on offer.

However, there are some people who are not what you could call happy bunnies regarding that new casino, in fact one gambler is reportedly taking the casino to court for allegedly short-changing him on their Blackjack games.

Not happy with being paid out at win odds of 6/5 for a winning players Blackjack hand, when usually being paid out at slightly better odds of 3/2 one Mr A. Richard Schuster had filed a lawsuit in the Middlesex County Superior Court to get the judge there to decide whether the casino is acting within the law.

It has also been reported that when slot players try to redeem their ticket in ticket out pay-out vouchers at one of the many automatic teller machines dotted around the casino, if their ticket includes any cents the machines round those cents down to the nearest dollar and they do not get paid out the coins associated with that voucher just the banknotes.

Other players have however reported that the machines then issue another TITO voucher for any cents, which can be redeemed in another part of the casino, which will supposedly entail players having to make a long trek to cash in those few cents worth of vouchers.

Whether the low Blackjack winning pay-outs and the problems players have been saying they have experienced with the teller machines are going to be resolved and ironed out moving forward remains to be seen, however the casino is proving to be hugely popular with visitors and is on track to be a huge success.

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