You are likely to hear the term pokie machines as you look around the web for slot machines to play, and may be wondering just what exactly they are and whether they are a unique type of slot and possibly one that you will enjoy playing too.

Well, there is no secret as to what pokies are, for they are simply the name that Australian and New Zealand players lovingly refer to slot machines as, and as such they can be any type of slot machine that are found over in those two countries.

Pokies offer everything that a standard casino slot machine will be offering you, so you are going to come cross pokie machines that offer a three reel playing format, video pokies and even pokie games on which you could win a life changing jackpot too.

As for whether there are any special hints or playing tips to pass onto you or playing pokie machines, well the most obvious tip I can pass onto you will be to look out for those pokies on which the pay-out percentages have been set very high.

The pay-out percentages can and do vary greatly from pokie to pokie much like they do when you are trying to work out just which slot machines to play, and it will be the ones offering paybacks that have been set at higher than 97.00% that you will often get the most play time from.

If by the way, you are based on Australia or New Zealand and do wish to set about playing pokies online in a real money playing environment, then make sure that you pick out a casino site that allows you to set your account in New Zealand Dollars or Australian Dollars, to save you having to pay currency exchange rate fees or being at the mercy of currency exchange rate fluctuations too.

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