You would be forgiven for thinking that slot machines are much more prone to pay-out their jackpots over a weekend, for that is often the time of the week when most slot machine jackpots are won at all casino sites and venues.

However, there is a simple fact as to why many more jackpots are won over a weekend, and that is due to the fact that there are many more players playing on a Friday night through to a Sunday night, and as such the more play time any slot machine gets, the more likely they are to bang out their respective jackpots.

Having said that though, the mega sized progressive jackpots some slot machines have on offer are won very rarely, and as such you are just as likely to win one of them on a  weekday than you are over a weekend, albeit your chance of actually doing so are tiny.

The stakes that any slot is being played for can also have an effect on the frequency at which slot players will win big, and in busy land based casinos hand pay after hand pay can be won on any given day of the week, dependent on just how busy the high limit slot areas are.

Keep in mind though, that you are much less likely to hit a hand pay jackpot when playing a penny slot, when compared for example to playing a slot offering stakes settings of 1.00 or higher, but there are always going to be risks attached to playing high risk slots.

At the end of the day though, it is down to luck and luck alone as to whether you will win a slot machines jackpot when playing, so never get obsessed with trying to win a jackpot as you can spend a fortune trying to do so and many never actually win one.

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