You really do need to learn the ins and outs of playing real money slot machines in any playing environment, if you are going to put yourself in a position whereby you are always getting the maximum slot playing value from your all-important bankroll.

Comps are a way for any casino operator to reward your gambling action, and as such when playing slot machines in a land based casino you should always joining that casinos players club and make sure that you insert your players card into any slot machines you do set about playing.

When playing at online or mobile casino sites what you will find it that those casinos will ward your comp points as you play automatically, so you do not need to worry about having a player’s card or using one.

When you have earned enough comp points playing any slot machines for real money, you will then be able to exchange them into playing credits, and that can usually be done automatically and in a matter of seconds as most casino sites and venues.

However, if you have experience of for example claiming online casino bonuses then you will be aware that those types of promotional offers come with play through requirements, so you have to often play through your bonus credits a large number of times before they become real money credits.

When using comped playing credits however, you will often find that there is only a requirement for you to play through your comped playing credits once, and then any winning achieved will be awarded to you as cash credits, but always do read through any terms and conditions associated with comped playing credits, just to make sure.

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