Some slot machines look good, but alas when you start playing them you will soon discover that they are not as good as they appeared on first appearance, and that sadly is what I feel about Ainsworth Technology slots.

You will find their slots in land based casinos, and of course online and accessible via mobile apps too, however I have never had much fun or even luck when playing them, but having said that I have seen some players win big on them, but it seems to be the case the only way to win big is to play their slots for big stakes.

The RTP’s on their slots are not as low as some other slot game designers, and you will find each slots long term expected RTP, well those available to online and mobile slot players have been published, so you can look them up and see for yourself just what the paybacks are on any Ainsworth slot machines.

What I would suggest you do, if you do fancy giving any of their new or old video slots a try is to look over the pay tables and any attached help files when playing online or via a mobile device, for many of them have some weird bonus games that can be triggered, and can also award progressive jackpots but only when you play them in a certain way.

As you have just found out I am not what you could ever call a fan of playing their slots as they feel like too low variance slots for my liking, however you could take to playing them like a duck takes to water, however I tend to give them a wide berth whenever I do spot any of their slots, and never tend to make a beeline to play them.

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