You are bound to be looking for unique slot games to play online, and if so then I think it will be worth tracking down a casino sites offering the range of 3D slots from Betsoft Gaming, for they really are going to be fun to play slots.

Many slot game designers have tried to master the art of designing 3D Slots, however many of them have failed to do so, but Betsoft have made a concerted effort to ensure not only are their 3D slots enjoyable to play, but that they all come with unique themes and bonus games too.

One aspect of playing many of the Betsoft Gaming designed slots that you may enjoy, is that many of them come with gamble games, allowing players to try and increase the value of winning pay-outs that they have spun in via the base game.

However, unlike most other slot game designers slots offering such a feature round, those gamble games are not simply guess the colour of a playing card type games, which to be honest and extremely boring to play off, but they offer a wide range of different ways that you could boost the value of winning pay-outs.

Those gamble game include coin tossing games, roll the dice gamble games and some will even see you having to guess which hand an onscreen 3D character is holding a coin to double the value of the amount of cash you have gambled via that gamble game.

Free play versions of all Betsoft Gaming slots are available to players, so you do have the option of playing any of them for free and at no cost, which is something you should be doing sooner rather than later, as lots of you out there are going to love not only the way they play but they way they pay too.

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