It is going to be down to your own personal preferences, when it comes to playing slot machines in the online playing environment, as to just which slot machines you play, but make no mistake about it, no matter what type of slots you fancy getting stuck into playing, you will find them available at any of our featured casino sites.

There are however both high tech slot machines those being the ones that offer bonus games and bonus features and often have all manner of unique reel symbols too that can perform more than one task, and then you have some low tech slot games, those being the ones that come with a basic three reel type of playing structure and format.

If you are wondering whether 3 reel slot machines are going to be worth playing online, then you need to know how they differ from video slots, and that is something I will look at today.

No Bonus Games and No Bonus Features

You will rarely find any bonus games or bonus features built into three reel slot machines, and as such that results in those types of slots being very fast playing ones, as with no bonus games to slow them down players really can play off a large number of spins in a very short space of time.

As for whether there are any special reel symbols attached to three-reel slots, well you will find wild symbols on some of those types of slots, and some of those wild symbols could be wild multiplier symbols too.

Enhanced Jackpot Pay-Outs

There is one thing that may appeal to you about playing three-reel slot machines, is that many of them can and do offer an enhanced jackpot payout to players that play them in a certain way.

The pay table of three reel slots will of course give you an insight into what you can win when playing such slots, but look out for an enhanced jackpot on offer on single pay-line three reel slots when you playing maximum coins spins, for if a slot does offer an enhanced jackpot when you activate all of the coins per spin then that is how you should play those slots.

If a multi pay-line three-reel slot offers a higher valued jackpot on its higher numbered pay-lines, then the very best way and the optimum way that you should play those slots is by playing every single pay-line.

To make that something you can afford to do, make sure that you adjust the coin value settings so that the stakes that you are playing or are suitable to you and your bankroll, and all such slots will offer a range of different coin value settings by the way.

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