If you want to win bucket fulls of cash for placing a wager that has cost you tiny stakes then the only bet you should be considering to place will be the accumulator bet which offers some truly massive returns for small stakes.

You will often see from time to time stories in the newspapers of some lucky sod placing a few pence on a bet only to end the day winning a four, five or even six figure jackpot by having the luck to win online at Bet365.

If you have never come across this betting feature before then in this section of the website we shall tell you all about them and how to place them along with a few examples of the kind of accumulator bets you can place on a wide variety of different sporting events.

All the specific bet is, is one single bet but this bet covers many different selections in various sporting events, these events are held at different times and the aim of the wager is to pick the winner of each event.

Your initial stake is placed onto the first event and it this wins then all winnings along with your initial stake is then placed onto the next event, this continues until all your selections have won.

The downside with this wager is that if one of the events you have picked is a loser then the entire accumulator wager is a loser and you get nothing back, but if they are all winners you pick then the rewards can and are massive due to the winnings being rolled over to the next event.

Horse Racing Accumulator Bet

Picking one winner in a horse race can be hard enough but you are often rewarded with decent odds, however picking an accumulator bet to wager on can be tremendously rewarding.

You can place an accumulator wager at stakes of just a few pence but as long as those horses you have selected winning then the returns will keep on multiplying.

At the top of your betting slip all you need to do is to put your stake and the word accumulator then list underneath your selections along with the time of the race. So for example a 50p accumulator would simply require you to write 50p accumulator at the top of the slip and then underneath list all of your selections!

A word of warning the more selections you pick the greater the rewards however picking several winners is a hard task so do not think you are going top win every time as this is a rarity!

Soccer Accumulator Bets

Many bookmakers and sportsbook will let you place accumulator bets on several soccer matches, however as they usually all kick off at the same time the wager needs to be placed before they kick off!

Once again you can pick as many selections as you want and then choose whether you think your team will win or the game will end in a draw.

You can often mix several different bets into the accumulator meaning you can pick the team to win one match and a game to draw a match or even the correct score of a match but the selections must be from different matches as you cannot pick one match and choose several different things to happen in that match i.e. pick the winning team and the result of the match etc.

Golf Accumulator Bets

You can also place an accumulator on golfing tournaments, the most common accumulator being the result of different rounds. If you fancy trying any accumulator wager then get yourself over to Bet365 Sportsbook and get betting today!