If there is one often very expensive and commonly made slot playing mistake, that all slot players will have experienced at one time or another, it is sitting down to play a slot, feeding it with a banknote or two and then simply whacking the spin button to send the reels spinning.

Now, if players do not check just what coin denomination the slot they are about to play has been set at, and simply give the max bet button or even the spin button a click they risk playing that slot for stake levels they never had any intention of playing for.

Believe, me when you do experience playing off a mega stake spin when you had only thought that you were playing for a much smaller stake amount, you will always double check the stakes you are playing for.

However, when you do accidentally play for a much higher stake that you intended to do, there is not only the chance that spin could be a losing one but it may just be the case that the over-priced spin you play off may turn out to be a mega paying one.

When gambling for high stakes the pay-outs you can achieve are obviously much higher than when playing or much lower stakes and the bonus games can also turn out to be much higher and betting paying ones too.

Accidentally playing for a much higher stake than you intended to do so can therefore, every now and then turn out to be a blessing in disguise, and that is something that you will find turned out to be the case with the slot playing Youtuber Dianaevoni as you can see when watching her get stuck into playing the slot in the slot play video above.

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