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There are always going to be benefits on offer to players that are prepared to move their real money slot playing action online, however to ensure that you do get to take advantage of those benefits that I shall be enlightening you on below, you need to find a top rated casino site at which to play at.

One casino that has been online for quite some time now, and is both fully licensed and regulated is Zodiac Casino, and with a huge and in fact ever growing suite of slot machines of every possible description they are a casino you should consider signing up to and playing at.

zodiac casino

If you are on the hunt for a casino site at which to play, at which you are going to be guarantee of finding the exact type of slot machines you love playing the most, then please do read on for I will now walk you through the many different reasons as to why you will have a fully rounded slot playing experience as Zodiac Casino.

If I was you I would read through this entire review and then compare what Zodiac Casino has on offer with some other casino sites, as by doing so in no time at all you will soon realise why they are one of the most popular casinos that has a huge and very satisfied player base.

The online casino gaming environment has now matured, and as such as a player there is the expectation that any casino sites you sign up to should be giving you the best range of Free Casino Games, reliable payment methods and fast winning payouts when you win.

However, sadly there are still casinos that do not make the grade, and with that in mind this review has been compiled to give you an insight into what one of the very best casino sites, that being Zodiac Casino Canada is going to be offering you are one of their players.

Let me start off by letting you know that Zodiac Casino is fully licensed Online Casino Canada and regulated so that is a good grounding for their operation, as they abide by the very toughest of industry standards and always go that extra mile for players too. 

Zodiac Casino Canada

Choosing a casino site at which at play at if you are a Canada based player is easy, however finding one that is going to surpass your very highest of expectation may not be that easy!

That is why I would like to introduce you to one of the best casino sites available to Canadian players, that being Zodiac Casino! If you love playing any type of casino games you really should read through this review as they are one of the best online casinos around.

I will be giving you a full and definitive insight into their gaming platforms, their range of games and also letting you know all about their very generous promotional offers and their comp club too.

One aspect of playing at a casino site from one individual country is that you do need to have access to a range of different payment methods that allow you to make hassle free deposits and fast on time cash outs too, and that is what you will find available to you as one of their new players.

So with all of the above in mind, please do read on and as you do so please compare that Zodiac Casino does have to offer you with any casino sites you may already have an account at.

When you do so you will soon discover for yourself why they are one of the best casino sites for Canadian players available anywhere online and one you will enjoy playing at for sure!

Zodiac Casino Review

No one ever wants to take the risk of playing casino games online with their own hard earned money and end up playing games that are not completely fair random and true, and that is why Microgaming, the company that supply this casino with their range of games always ensures their games are independently tested before they go live.

As such no matter whether you get the urge to play slot machines, video poker machines or card or tables games or for that matter any category of game at Zodiac Casino UK, you are always going to find they play and payout exactly as they have been designed to do so.

Every single game is completely random and you will also be able to configure them in such a way that you can choose your own stake amount, so they are certainly suited for low stake players, medium stake players or players who do enjoy nothing more than playing casino games for much higher stake levels too.

As every single game has had its house edges and payout percentages phished online, then it will actually be very easy and a breeze for you to look up just which of the almost one thousand different games available at Zodiac Casino have the best payouts and the very highest paybacks too.

In fact, if you do ever want to try your chances and see if it is your lucky day then make sure you also give some of their many different progressive games some play time, as those types of games do offer huge life changing jackpots, and to have a chance of winning one of those jackpots you simply need to play them!

Slot Games Available at Zodiac Casino

Below is a general overview of the many different slot game categories that are available at this casino site, and below that list I will give you an insight into just what makes those slot games so unique and quite appealing to a great number of players too.

  • Fruit Machines
  • 3 Reel Slots
  • Classic Slot Machines
  • Video Slot Games
  • Progressive Slots

If you haven’t yet played fruit machines before, then you will of course need to have some idea as to just how those slot machines play and pay and what makes them unique slot games too.

They are basically three reel slots, but ones that have been designed as low stake slot machines that give players a much more entertaining type of slot playing experience, They do that due to the fact that they come packed with a plethora of bonus games and bonus features that trigger extremely frequently too.

The most basic of slot machines are what are known as Classic Slots, and they offer players a no-nonsense type of playing experience based on the fact they rarely come with any distracting bonus games. Players will notice they offer just a three-reel type of playing structure and one single pay-line too.

Three Reel slots on the other hand, are, as their name suggests, slot machines with three stepper type reels, but they different slightly from Classic Slots in as much as players can put into play more than one pay-line, often such slots will offer players a maximum of three or five pay-lines.

Video slot machines are the most played category of slot machines at Zodiac Casino, and they offer players five or in some cases six reels and can and do come with a huge number of either optional or fixed pay-lines too.

One or more main bonus game can be triggered when playing such slots, and it is often via those bonus games that some of the highest possible winning pay-outs can be achieved by players.

The final type of slot game that are available to players at Zodiac Casino are Progressive Slot machines, and when playing such slot games in the way described on the pay table or slot games help files, players have the chance of winning one of the progressive jackpots attached to such slots.

Be aware that if you are ever lucky enough to win one of the progressive jackpots at Zodiac Casino you are going to be able to withdraw your winnings in a one single lump sum winning pay-out too, rather than be drip fed those winnings over several weeks, months or even years which is the case when you win a huge jackpot at some other online or mobile casino sites.

Zodiac Casino Bonuses and Comps

The thing that all players do need to keep in mind about casino bonuses, is that they are always going to have a set of terms and conditions associated with them, and it is vitally important that you do indeed read through them to get an understanding of how any bonus offers and deals have been designed.

There will of course be an initial sign up welcome bonus offer available to all newly signed up players at Zodiac Casino, and once you have opened a real money account and made use of that bonus offer or not, there will also be several ongoing bonuses available to you too.

It will of course be your decision to make as to whether to claim that sign up bonus and/or any additional bonuses that are made available to you, however you are never going to have a bonus forced upon you at Zodiac Casino for they are opt in bonuses that you are free to claim and make use of or not.

All real money players at Zodiac Casino are also going to be earning comp points as they play, those points will accumulate in your comp club account, and they can be exchanged for additional playing credits at a time of your own choosing.

Please do head on over to the Zodiac Casino website if you want to learn more about their current range of bonus offers and the way their comp club scheme has been designed too, as that way you can make an informed decision as to whether to claim any of their bonuses, and will get a deep insight into the way their loyalty scheme operates too.

Zodiac Casino Free Spins offer

It is often the value and size of the sign up welcome bonus offer that will attract playing living in Canada to sign up to and play at a casino site, however it is of course the terms and conditions attached to a bonus that will make it worth claiming or not!

That is why I think you are going to be very impressed by the welcome offer that is going to become available to every player in Canada as soon as they register to become a new player at Zodiac Casino.

A set of free spins are what players can first available themselves of when they sign up to that casino site, and by doing so they will then get 80 spins to play off on one of the highest paying slot games there is and that is one of Zodiac Casinos progressive jackpot awarding slots!

To be awarded with those free spins players simply need to deposit just 1.00 into their account and as soon as they do so those free spins are then credited to their accounts!

The bonuses will not then end by the way, for new players will also qualify for several other welcome bonus offers, all of which have been designed as deposit match bonuses.

Upon making a second deposit players can claim a 100% match bonus up to $100 and once they have made use of that bonus they can then go onto to claim a third, fourth and fifth deposit match bonus on which the amount in bonus credits they can claim is $80, $150 and $150 respectively!

Zodiac Casino Mobile of  Online

Microgaming are the company that have been entrusted to supply not only the gaming platforms that you will be accessing as a player at Zodiac Casino, but they also supply every single casino game you will have access to.

If you want to play on your mobile devices then make use of the fully downloadable casino app which comes jam packed full of every single casino game you could ever want to play.

However, if you want to play online via a laptop or your computer then you are going to find both a downloadable gaming platform together with an instant play gaming platform, and there are going to be hundreds of different games available to you on both of those gaming platforms too.

All Microgaming games have been independently certified and have been verified as being fair in our Zodiac Casino Review and random games too and as such there are never going to be any doubts when playing at Zodiac Casino that you are getting a fair outcome on every single game you choose to play, and some of them can offer huge jackpots too!

So when it comes to a huge and every goring range of casino games that you can trust implicitly you really should consider joining up to and becoming a player at Zodiac Casino!

Zodiac Online Gaming Platform

You may be sat there right now think about signing up to Zodiac Casino, and if so you will need to select one of the three different gaming platforms that are available to their players, so allow me to enlighten you on just how you can access their range of casino games and slot machines.

The downloadable gaming platform is very stable at Zodiac Casino, and is one of the most advanced gaming platforms that you are going to have access to online, but keep in mind that it will be dependent on the speed you are connected to the internet as to just how long it will take you to download their entire range of games, if you wish to access that gaming platform.

For those of you that do not fancy downloading the Zodiac Casino gaming platform, you can of course opt to make use of their instant play gaming platform instead, well it is fully compatible with ever type of web browsers, so you can access it in seconds without the need to download any software.

A casino app is now also available to all players at Zodiac Casino, and it is a very fast to download casino app and that comes jam packed with a huge suite of slot games and casino games too.

One other thing to keep in mind too, is that it doesn’t matter which gaming platform you utilize to sign up to Zodiac Casino, you are going to have access to each of the other ones using your username and password, so you will not have to sign up an additional time if you initially sign up for example via the mobile casino app but then wish to play at that casino online.

New Zodiac Casino Slot Games

As you will discover below, it is Microgaming that supply the games and gaming platforms on offer at Zodiac Casino, and that does of course mean that when it comes to a range of brand new slot machines, you are going to find several new ones get loaded up to all of their gaming platforms each month.

Those new slot machines much like all other slots at that casino site are available to play for free and at no risk, so you can try them out and see if you do enjoy the unique way that they have been designed at any time.

Many savvy slot players these days do spend some time looking up the slot machines that have been designed to return much higher long term expected pay-out percentages than other slot machines, and that is possibly something that you are eager to do too.

If so you will be very pleased to learn that you will discover the long term expected pay-out percentages of all Zodiac Casino slot machines published on their website, so you can of course look them up and then make a well balanced decision as to just which slot machines you can play.

The online gaming platforms along with the mobile casino app that casino site offers their players get any and all new slot games loaded up at the same time, so you are not going to have to wait to get access to new games when using their online platform or mobile casino app.

Microgaming Software and Games

The gaming platforms at Zodiac Casino have been designed and developed by Microgaming, who you may or may not know have been around and in business since 1994, and as such you will be utilizing a tried and tested and popular gaming platform at that casino site.

One aspect of using the downloadable, instant play or for that matter the mobile gaming platform from Microgaming that you will have access to at Zodiac Casino that you will appreciate, is that there are several player adjustable option settings, that will allow all players to configure and tailor their own unique gaming experience.

Those option settings will allow you to speed up or slow down the speed at which the games will play for example, and there are of course plenty of different sound settings and screen size options that players can also make full use of too.

All games are multi-stake games, so always do pick out a staking options that you can afford when playing any of their huge and ever-growing range of different slot machines and do keep in mind that you can also play for free too, so you can always try out any games you fancy playing at no risk, which is something I would advise you to do.

Always Gamble Responsibly

One final aspect of playing slot machines at Zodiac Casino that you need to be aware of, is the fact that there range of slots have all been certified as being completely fair and random, and that does of course mean that you will never know if you are going to win before you start to play them.

As there is always going to be the very real risk that you could experience a losing session, then you need to take a few steps to ensure that you never get too carried away when playing and set yourself some gambling limits.

That is something that is quite easy to achieve as a player at that casino site, for you are going to have at your disposal whenever you log into your Zodiac Casino account a range of gambling limit option settings, that will allow you to set your own deposit limits and a loss limit too.

Therefore, do ensure that you always do set yourself some limits when playing slot games or any of the many other casino games available to you are Zodiac Casino, as that way you will never run the risk of spending more than you may have intended to do, and will always be playing and gambling responsibly too.

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